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Personal Loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs

Personal Loans are a form of financial assistance that you can avail of in case of any unexpected expense which goes over and above your normal expenses. Personal loans are taken by our customers for reasons such as financing wedding expenses, much-desired travel/trip, to pay for the child’s education, any medical emergency, or even for big-ticket purchases of electronic devices, home repairs and even for debt consolidation.

Benefits of Rs. 10 Lakhs Personal Loans

Benefits of Personal Loans from SMFG India Credit are:

  • Timely and Accessible – The loan helps our customers to handle periods requiring extra finance with the minimum stress.
  • Easy Approval for the loans – The process to check personal loan eligibility is very easy and the personal loan eligibility requirements are quite basic and inclusive to a large number of people.
  • Competitive Interest rates – The interest rates are competitive and range between 11.99% - 36.00% per annum.
  • Flexibility in terms of the loan – You can choose with flexibility - the repayment period or interest rate you prefer, and get a customized loan. The repayment period can vary from 12 to 60 months.

Be it financing your child’s higher education, wedding, a business expenditure, or funding emergency medical treatment, SMFG India Credit’s easy and convenient personal loan is the most straightforward way to fulfil your need for short term finance. Now get a personal loan of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs from SMFG India Credit at competitive interest rates starting from 11.99%* per annum.

SMFG India Credit’s affordable easy monthly instalments make sure that borrowers never miss out on any repayment throughout the tenure. As a matter of fact, you can get an accurate estimate of your monthly installment amount with SMFG India Credit’s easy to use a personal loan EMI calculator. This is a free tool that is available on the SMFG India Credit website.

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan of Rs 10 Lakhs

To qualify for a personal loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs, the lending institution may consider several criteria, some of which are listed below:

  • Age Requirement: The eligible age bracket is 21-65 years for salaried individuals or 22-60 years for the self-employed.
  • Nationality: Indian residents and citizens qualify to apply.
  • Work Experience:
    • Salaried Worker Criteria: One year of work experience, including a minimum of 6 months with the current employer.
    • For Self-Employed Individuals: Requires at least three years of operational experience.
  • Minimum Monthly Income:
    • Salaried: For those staying in non-metropolitan cities, a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 and for residents of metropolitan areas (Mumbai, & Delhi.), a monthly income of Rs. 25,000 is desirable.
    • Self-employed: The minimum income is determined by considering annual sales and post-tax profits.

Documents Required for Personal Loan of Rs 10 Lakhs

Here is a list of documents necessary for applying for a personal loan:

Document Type

Salaried Individuals

Self-Employed Individuals (Any One)

Identity Proof

  • PAN Card,
  • Aadhaar Card,
  • Driver’s License,
  • Passport,
  • Voter ID
  • PAN Card,
  • Aadhaar Card,
  • Driver’s License,
  • Passport,
  • Voter ID

Compulsory Documents

  • Coloured passport-size photograph,
  • Duly filled loan application form
  • Coloured passport-size photograph,
  • Duly filled loan application form

Income Proof

  • Salary slips for the last three months
  • Form 16 or IT returns
  • IT returns for the previous two years
  • IT challans
  • TDS certificate
  • Form 26AS

Proof of Ongoing Employment

  • Joining letter/Appointment letter from present employer
  • Utility Bills
  • Rent Agreement

Residence/Business Proof

  • Utility bills,
  • Passport,
  • Driver’s License,
  • Voter ID,
  • Rent Agreement,
  • Ration Card, etc.
  • License,
  • GST number
  • Registration certificate

Rs. 10 Lakhs Personal Loan EMI for 1-5 Years Tenure

For Rs 10 Lakhs personal loan, the EMI amount for 1-year loan tenure at an 11.99% rate of interest per annum is Rs. 88,844. Similarly for two, three, four, and five years loan tenure are Rs.47,069, Rs. 33,210, Rs. 26,329, and Rs. 22,239 respectively. You can use the online personal loan calculator to know the EMI amount for loan tenures other than discussed here.

Loan Amount (Rs)

Interest Rate (p.a.)

Tenure (years)

EMI (Rs)

Rs 10 Lakhs












Disclaimer: These are approximate EMI calculations, actual numbers may vary. In the Personal loan EMI calculator, you can keep changing the parameters preferred by you till you hit upon your ideal parameters and request those. The company will try its best to accommodate you depending on your credit history and credit risk posed by you

Rs.10 Lakhs Personal Loan Interest Rates & Charges

Feel free to use this table as a simplified guide for interest rates and charges while availing of an Rs. 10 Lakhs loan. However, terms and conditions apply:

Interest Rate

It starts at 11.99%* per annum

Processing Fee

The fee charged for a loan typically ranges from 0 to 6% of the total loan amount.

Available Loan Amount:

Up to Rs. 10 Lakhs (for self-employed)* and up to Rs. 25 Lakhs (for salaried).

Tenure of Loan:

A maximum of 5 years or 60 months.

Minimum EMI Per Lakh

Rs. 2,224 for 5 years or 60 months

Late Payment Charges

2% plus GST charged monthly (24% per annum) on the overdue amount calculated on day-to-day basis.

Prepayment Expenses


Loan Cancellation Charges

Rs. 1,000

Cheque/ECS/NACH Dishonoured Charges

Rs. 300

Factors Influencing the Rate of Interest at SMFG India Credit

  • Your credit history
  • Your monthly income
  • The loan amount
  • Your fixed monthly obligations including any outstanding loans

As a rule, the lower your credit risk the lower the interest rate offered to you. By responsibly taking loans and returning them on time you can build a good credit score.

Why opt for a 10 Lakhs Personal Loan?

  • We understand that sometimes unexpected medical emergencies or uninsured costs can arise, and a personal loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs can offer a reliable solution to help you deal with such situations.
  • If you plan to buy a used car, our competitive interest rates and flexible tenure can help you easily finance it. With our dedicated debt consolidation solution, you can also simplify your financial landscape by consolidating multiple loans into one manageable personal loan.
  • Whether higher education, a dream wedding celebration, or the perfect honeymoon, we can tailor a personal loan to suit your needs. With our 100% paperless application process and flexible repayment terms, you can easily track your loan progress anytime, anywhere.
  • If you plan to renovate your home, we offer personalized personal loan solutions for your passion project. The best part is that you don't need to worry about providing collateral!

At SMFG India Credit, we're dedicated to helping you take care of your dreams without stressing your finances.

How to Apply for Rs.10 Lakhs Personal Loan

Procedure for applying for a personal loan with SMFG India Credit:

  1. Use this link to start the loan application.
  2. Fill in the form with your mobile number, PAN, pincode, and choose your employment type from salaried and self-employed.
  3. Use a 6-digit OTP to authenticate your mobile number, along with completing email ID verification.
  4. Input your email address, birth date, and gender, and provide income and employment specifics.
  5. Evaluate the tailored loan offer, which will include the loan amount, fees, and repayment terms. Confirm if it aligns with your needs and consider the option you will get for choosing a higher loan amount.
  6. Give details of your employment if you're in a salaried position.
  7. Proceed with the necessary identity and address digital verification via CKYC, OKYC, or DigiLocker.
  8. Provide your banking details, which will be followed by their verification from us. Once completed successfully, you have to give some extra personal and reference information in the ‘Additional Details’ section.
  9. Decide on the payment mode, opt for either a debit card or internet banking, and set up eNACH completely.
  10. Digitally sign the agreement post-review and finalise it with OTP validation.

By following these easy steps, you progress toward your financial goals with SMFG India Credit.

Aadhaar Card and PAN Card

Giving the details of your Aadhaar card and PAN card further simplifies the process of being approved for and getting the personal loan. Once you are approved for a personal loan the amount is transferred quickly into your personal bank account and is ready to be used by you.

Getting a 10 Lakhs loan from SMFG India Credit is easy and quick and can be the answer to your short term financial woes. Borrowing responsibly allows you to manage your financial expenses while also raising your credit score.

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* Please note that loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms and disbursal process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you are an existing customer and wish to foreclose your loan, please note that foreclosure terms and charges will be applicable as per our policy at the time of loan foreclosure.


What is the monthly EMI for Rs.10 Lakhs Personal Loan?

Depending on the interest rate (e.g. 11.99%* p.a.), the EMI for an Rs. 10 Lakhs loan can vary from Rs. 22,239 to Rs. 88,844 for a tenure of 5 years.

What is the salary for a Rs.10 Lakhs loan?

The minimum monthly salary requirement for an Rs. 10 Lakhs loan varies with the lending institution, but it is desirable to have a minimum salary of Rs. 20,000 for non-metropolitan cities and Rs. 25000 for metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

What is the interest rate levied on a Rs.10 Lakhs Personal Loan?

The minimum interest rate levied on an Rs. 10 Lakhs loan is a competitive 11.99%* per annum.

What is the processing time for a Rs.10 Lakhs Personal Loan?

SMFG India Credit ensures that your requested loan amount is made available to you within 30 minutes* after approval of your application.

Can I get a personal loan of Rs 10 Lakhs without collateral?

Yes, you can get a personal loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs without collateral, as it is an unsecured loan.

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Reasons to buy

You can take our personal loan for a variety of reasons.

Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses

Higher Studies

Higher Studies

Exotic Vacations

Exotic Vacations




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