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Top Benefits Of Paying Personal Loan EMIs On Time And How To Plan It

Published on Aug 18, 2023Updated on Oct 12, 2023

Top Benefits Of Paying Personal Loan EMIs On Time And How To Plan It

Timely EMI payments bring financial stability and boost creditworthiness, both of which are highly appreciated by lenders. In the sphere of financial lending, where careful inspection of one's financial health is the norm, keeping a spotless payback record serves as a significant feather in one's cap. This blog will go deeper into the important benefits of prompt repayment of personal loan EMIs and provide helpful ideas for optimal repayment planning.

The Importance of Timely Personal Loan EMI Repayments: Unraveling the Benefits

1. Improve your credit score:

One of the most important factors that determines your overall financial health is your credit score, which is intimately connected to the history of your loan repayments. When the personal loan EMIs are cleared on time on a consistent basis, it has a positive impact on your credit score, which in turn raises your status in the eyes of lending institutions.

2. Avoid penalties and additional charges:

Most lenders may levy penalty fees on you if your EMI payments are delayed. This is something you should try to avoid at all costs. Making payments in a timely manner is an efficient method that can help avoid these costs.

3. Avoid debt traps:

One of the dangers of delaying EMI payments is the possibility of sliding into a debt trap. This is a predicament in which the ever-increasing interest and penalties on the loan make repaying it an increasingly difficult task. Timely EMI payments prevent the occurrence of situations like these, and helps in maintaining the debt-to-income ratio.

4. Easier loan obtainability in the future:

Having a documented track record of regular repayments provides lenders with assurance about your dependability, which in turn makes it simpler for you to get loans in the future.

5. Contribution to emotional stability:

Regular payments alleviate the stress of ever-increasing debt and provide you with an accurate picture of your current financial condition, both of which make a positive contribution to emotional stability.

Strategies for Streamlining Personal Loan EMI Payments

Your ability to make on-time payments on the EMIs associated with your personal loan is directly correlated to how well you prepare. Listed below are some helpful pointers to keep in mind so that you can maintain your payback schedule:

1. Determine the Appropriate EMI:

It is essential to select a monthly payment amount for your EMI that is comfortably aligned with both your existing income and your current expenditures. You can estimate the amount of money you will need to pay towards your EMIs with the help of the personal loan EMI calculator offered by SMFG India Credit.

2. Embrace Automation:

If you want to be sure that your EMI payments are not missed because of oversights or schedule difficulties, consider signing up for automatic deductions from your account.

3. Establish a Dedicated Account:

 You should seriously consider opening a new bank account that will be used just for the purpose of managing your EMI payments. This will prevent the payments from becoming mixed up with your other regular costs.

4. Be Ready for Unexpected Circumstances:

Create an emergency fund to ensure that your EMI payments won't be affected by unexpected financial crises.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Financial Health:

It is important to conduct regular reviews of your financial condition to ensure that the EMI payments you are making are not placing an undue burden on your budget.

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Assuring on-time payment of personal loan EMIs has numerous benefits, ranging from a higher credit score and the avoidance of penalties to easier access to future loans. 

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