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Located in southern India, Kerala is well-known for its breathtaking greenery, tranquil backwaters, and serene beaches. Affectionately known as "God's Own Country," Kerala takes pride in its deep-rooted cultural background, as seen in its vibrant classical dances, festivals, and authentic art forms. With its remarkable and diverse natural beauty and fascinating hill stations, Kerala remains a top choice for travellers seeking peace and a cultural experience.

A reliable way of availing finances to fulfil your financial needs in Kerala is the loan against property (LAP). Let India Credit be your trusted partner in this journey. We provide prompt LAP from the comfort of your home. Read more about the benefits and steps to apply for a loan against property.

Features And Benefits Of Loan Against Property In Kerala

Availing of funds using the loan against property (LAP) scheme in Kerela offers a variety of features and benefits, including:

Streamlined & Transparent:

Lending institutions value the trust applicants place in them while sharing their details for an LAP. SMFG India Credit ensures the application process is as smooth as possible.

Personalised Options:

You can avail of our Loan Against Property products tailored to your unique needs and financial profile.

Effortless Paperwork:

Simply upload the digital copies of your documents as required, followed by prompt verification and rapid fund disbursal.

Substantial Loan Limits:

You can avail of up to 70% of the property's market value (INR 5 crores*) for various financial needs.

Competitive Interest Rates:

Get the best loan terms with our competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options.

High Loan-to-Value (LTV):

We help you maximize the value of your properties to cater to your different financial needs.

Eligibility Criteria For Loan Against Property In Kerala

Fulfilling the following basic eligibility criteria can significantly enhance the likelihood of obtaining a Loan Against Property in Kerala.






21 - 60 years.

25 - 65 years.

A minimum of 2 years old.

Nature of work

Works in

  • MNC,
  • A private company, OR
  • The public sector

Self-employed individual with a steady source of income



Indian resident/citizen

Indian resident/citizen

Indian SME

CIBIL score



Steady source of profits over the past two years, audited by a CA.

Documents Required To Apply For A Loan Against Property In Kerala

You can use this list as a general guide to the requisite paperwork for applying for a loan against property in Kerala:




Income tax returns for the latest 2 years

Income tax returns for the latest 2 years

KYC documents

KYC documents

KYC documents

Form 16

Form 16

Form 16

Bank statements for the last 6 months and income statements

Bank statements for the last 6 months and salary slips

Bank statements for the last 6 months

ITR for the last two years with a summary of audited income.

Documentation pertaining to the property offered as collateral

Documentation pertaining to the property offered as collateral

Documentation pertaining to the property offered as collateral

For more details, we encourage you to explore our document page or contact our dedicated customer service representatives.

Interest Rates On Loan Against Property in Kerala

To get the best possible interest rate, consider improving variables such as income, employment status, overdue payments, and the type of LAP you seek. Here's a detailed breakdown:



Loan Amount

Up to INR 5 crore*

Loan Tenure

Up to 180 months*

Lowest EMI Per Month

It starts at INR 5,071 for a 180-month period

Cheque Dishonoured Charges

INR 300

Proceeding Fees

Up to 3% of the Loan Amount

Customer Type

Salaried / Self-Employed / SMEs

Late Payment Charges

2% plus GST charged monthly (24% per annum) on the overdue amount calculated on day-to-day basis.

How To Apply For A Loan Against Property In Kerala?

Follow these steps to simplify your LAP application process:

Step 1: Before submitting your application, you can use our loan against property EMI calculator to estimate your monthly EMI while considering various loan amounts, interest rates, and tenure options.

Step 2: Go to the official web portal and click the "Apply Now" option.

Step 3: Select the "Loan Against Property" option appropriate for your job status: salaried, self-employed, or SME.

Step 4: Complete the online form after submitting your contact information and verifying the supplied OTP.

Step 5: Fill in your personal information as given in the form, then click "Next."

Step 6: After that, include information about your employment position.

Step 7: Furnish your banking information as required. Remember to maintain precision at all times.

Step 8: Upload digital copies of essential documents in the appropriate format (PDF/JPEG/PNG/DOC).

Step 9: To finish, use the "Submit" button.

Step 10: A customer care executive will reach out to assist with the pending formalities.


A loan against property offers a variety of benefits. Apart from catering to diverse financial needs, an LAP can help you safely secure funds. With attractive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, a 100% online application process, and a customer-first approach, SMFG India Credit stands as your reliable partner. Apply now with SMFG India Credit to help you turn your property equity into opportunities.

Apply for Loan Against Property

* Please note that loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms and disbursal process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you are an existing customer and wish to foreclose your loan, please note that foreclosure terms and charges will be applicable as per our policy at the time of loan foreclosure.


How is my loan against property in Kerala eligibility calculated?

You can use our online loan eligibility guide to assess your eligibility for an LAP in Kerela. Lenders consider variables to determine your creditworthiness, such as:

  • Your location;
  • Stability of income;
  • Property valuation;
  • Outstanding debts;
  • Previous credit behaviour;
  • Credit scores.

What are the advantages of applying for an online loan against property in Kerala?

Applying for an LAP online is helpful in several ways, which are listed as follows:

  • Simple, quick, and convenient application process.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Minimal documentation.
  • Robust customer service.
  • Easy remote tracking service
  • Prompt loan disbursal.

How to get a lower interest rate on my loan against property in Kerala?

Maintain a good CIBIL score (at least 700), choose trustworthy lenders, reduce your loan-to-value ratio, enlist property valuation services for added credibility, and ensure timely payment of all debts to avoid late accounts.

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