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DocOnline strives to provide the finest healthcare services for its valued customers. Our partnership with DocOnline enables us to do just that and much more.

DocOnline is an innovative digital healthcare company that helps individuals stay on top of their physical, mental, and social health. It delivers video/phone consultations with in-house telemedicine-trained doctors. Equipped with evidence-based international clinical tools, the doctors at DocOnline get to the root cause of any medical problem and deliver treatment that fulfils the health objectives of the individual. Online medical consultations reduce the need for physical clinic/hospital visits by 87%. The doorstep delivery of diagnostic services, medicines, home care treatment, and fitness and wellness programs makes DocOnline a one-stop solution for primary healthcare needs, thereby delivering great peace of mind, too.

The Fitness feature in the DocOnline platform helps individuals stay motivated with their fitness activities, making holistic health management simple and exciting. For convenience and ease of use, video/phone doctor consultations can be availed anytime (24x7) and anywhere through a phone call, mobile app, or website, allowing non-tech-savvy customers and senior citizens access to medical services independently. Video/phone doctor consultation is also available across 10+ specialties in 14+ languages to meet the varied healthcare needs of different family members across the country.

DocOnline Healthcare Subscription

Over 3.5 million people trust the award-winning digital healthcare services, and Fortune India Magazine recognized DocOnline as the Company Of The Year in 2021. In 2022, Silicon India also recognised DocOnline as one of the top 10 most promising telemedicine companies in the country.

The holistic health and wellness services from DocOnline help families reduce healthcare costs by embracing fitness, reducing unnecessary OPD visits, offering discounts on healthcare services, and ensuring complimentary insurance benefits.  

To know more about DocOnline, click here: https://www.doconline.com/.


Free audio/video doctor consultation anywhere, anytime
Free Preventive Blood check-ups@ your doorstep
Discounts on day-to-day healthcare expenses
Complimentary Insurance benefit
Doorstep delivery of medicines at discounted price

Why Choose us?

  • Consult with a doctor on video/phone 24x7 for any medical problems. 
  • Get expert advice on diet and nutrition to manage weight and other health conditions. 
  • Consult with a psychologist to manage stress, children's behaviour, and relationships.
  • Track your fitness activities and get the motivation to follow your fitness routine.
DocOnline Healthcare Subscription
  • Get a consultation from the doctor in a language of your choice. 
  • Electronic health record system for medical history and better diagnosis.
  • State of the art medical infrastructure for evidence-based decision making.
  • 30000+ healthcare partners to ensure all aspects of your health.

Disclaimer -

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