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Fraud Awareness

Fraud Awareness Prevention Guidelines  Download

At SMFG India Credit, we take great care to ensure that our customers are protected from any kind of fraud that may occur during transactions.
Read this document to understand the various precautions you can take to protect your transactions from unlawful third parties.

Raju and 40 thieves - RBI Ombudsman Mumbai II   Download

Download this interesting document from the RBI to know about the different types of online frauds & schemes, and how to avoid them.

A Booklet on the Modus Operandi of Fraudsters   Download

At SMFG India Credit, we care for your financial health and safety. Download this document and:

  1. Know the various ways in which fraudsters operate
  2. How to identify fake apps / frauds from genuine lenders
  3. How to protect your online transactions
  4. How to avoid getting defrauded by imposters