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Personal Loan Balance Transfer is the process of transferring the total outstanding personal loan amount from one vendor to another vendor offering better features and facilities on the outstanding loan amount. Personal Loan Balance Transfer allows the borrowers to take advantage of competitive or lower rates of interest or even longer tenures.

Personal Loan Balance transfer as a facility also ensures that borrowers are not victims of expensive loans, fraudulent claims, or malpractices as they can quickly transfer their loan if they encounter such an event. A borrower may also opt for a personal loan balance transfer if they’re dissatisfied with the service from their existing lender. However, before choosing from your balance transfer personal loan offers, you should evaluate the proposition not only based on interest and tenure but also based on hidden and inert costs like processing fees, the need for documentation, the credibility of the lender, and the service of the lender you are considering.


Personal Loan Balance Transfer Offers 

If you want to transfer your outstanding personal loan amount to SMFG India Credit, you can call any of our reliable and friendly customer service representatives who will be more than happy to help you. However, if you are more comfortable talking directly, you can walk into any of our branches. We have a vast array of products, including the best personal loan transfer offers as per your individual profile. Please share your requirement with us, and we’ll provide you with an offer that is best suited to you.

Here are some of the benefits of a loan from SMFG India Credit:  

Competitive Rate of Interest 

We, at SMFG India Credit, may offer you competitive rates of interest on the outstanding loan amount for the same tenure. This will lessen the burden of your monthly EMI obligations and substantially reduce the total interest payable. We also ensure that we are transparent, and any ancillary costs like processing fees, transition fees outside the purview of monthly interest are completely clear and are explicitly conveyed to you before you sign the loan agreement.

Longer Tenure on Loans

We may also provide you with a longer repayment tenure* for the outstanding loan amount at competitive rates of interest. This finally eases the burden and releases the pressure of exorbitant monthly EMIs off you by spreading the repayment obligation over a longer tenure, thus providing you with some respite. With the extended tenure, the monthly EMIs will substantially reduce, and we’ll also ensure that we offer you competitive rates of interest so you can manage and afford the total interest payout.

Top-Up Loan Facility

We at SMFG India Credit do not want you to feel like you are being forced into unsuitable conditions due to financial constraints. We’ll offer you additional credit or top-up personal loans at competitive rates of interest so you can comfortably meet your requirement without too many hassles. . We’ll also try our best to ensure that you get the optimal loan amount you require for your needs. Our personal loan transfer and top-up personal loan* services can be easily availed with minimal documentation and without any hassles.

Better Service

You have a rightful claim to satisfactory service from your vendor for the service, processing fees you pay to your vendor. However, we understand sometimes, you may be feeling constrained due to unexpected charges or hidden costs that you were not aware of at the time of availing the loan. At such moments, you can opt for a personal loan balance transfer with SMFG India Credit.


The eligibility criteria for a balance transfer loan with SMFG India Credit are the same as that of a regular loan. Please find a few of these below (for personal loan balance transfer):

  • You must be a salaried employee of any private limited company or public sector undertaking or self-employed with a minimum turnover as per the current policy
  • You must be between 21 to 60 years of age
  • You must have a minimum salary of INR 25,000 in case you reside in Mumbai/Delhi or INR 20,000 for rest of India
  • You must have a at least 1 year of work experience
  • You must be currently employed with the company for at least 6 months 
  • You must have a CIBIL score of at least 750   
  • You can opt for an EMI of a maximum 65%, as a percentage of your income subject to specific terms and conditions

You can use the personal loan balance transfer calculator to understand how transferring your personal loan to SMFG India Credit could help you. The personal loan balance transfer calculator will ask you to enter your existing loan details (personal loans only), your net monthly income, preferred rate of interest, and tenure of the loan and then give you information like the amount you can save on monthly EMI as well as overall interest payable, and the overall personal loan amount you may be eligible for . Please note the personal loan balance transfer calculator provides you with an indicative figure. The actual loan amount (maximum eligible and transferrable) may depend on other factors like credit history, employment details, and more.

Required Documents

There are certain documents needed for the personal loan balance transfer, which are very minimal, preliminary, and normally considered to be handy:

  • Duly signed form and photograph
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of identity and proof of residence such as driving license, Aadhar card, and voter ID card
  • Last 3 months’ salary slips for the salaried or proof of income/financial statements for the self-employed
  • Last 6 months’ bank account statements of salary account for the salaried or current account for the self-employed.
  • Income Tax returns or Form 16
  • NOC from your current lender and requisite documentation for closure, no-dues certificate, etc.

Depending on your profile and credit history, additional documents may be required.

How to Apply

You can always call our free toll number or apply online with SMFG India Credit by clicking the “Apply Now” button. In case you’re more comfortable talking directly, you can visit your nearest SMFG India Credit branches. You can find the nearest branch by using the branch locator tool on the website. To know more, please feel free to Contact Us on our toll free number 1800 103 6001 and speak with a SMFG India Credit representative today. We are available between 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM on all days except Sundays and public holidays.

If you are an existing customer of SMFG India Credit, you can avail our top-up loan facility.

* Please note that loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms and disbursal process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you are an existing customer and wish to foreclose your loan, please note that foreclosure terms and charges will be applicable as per our policy at the time of loan foreclosure.

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