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CSR - Lives We Touch

CSR - Lives we touch

Mrs Abebha,(Housewife, 48 years, Karamdai)

Abebha is a priced customer of SMFG India Credit. While she extensively helped her husband in their Diary Farming Business, she never let her thoughts of exploring other options of increasing family income fade away. Attending the CSR Alternate Livelihood training program arranged by SMFG India Credit proved to be a turning point in her life and she quickly picked the art of making bags using colorful wires. That was not the end of it. Abebha pursued this talent and decided to take it up as a full time profession and made bags of different colors and sizes. She easily earns about ‌‌100 per day and cannot thank SMFG India Credit enough for helping her supporting her family better.

Mrs. P. Vasantha,(Keelavalavu village, Melur)

Vasantha has been a SMFG India Credit Gramshakti patron for the last four years. In July 2012, SMFG India Credit changed her life for good. She and her husband both worked as laborers to support their family. In July 2012, Vasantha made up her mind on making a difference and attended a CSR Vocational Training workshop on jewellery making with semi-precious stones. However, in August 2012, misfortune struck when the granite company Vasantha worked in shut down and Vasantha lost her job. With a house to run and debts to pay, Vasantha’s newly-acquired jewellery making skills came to the rescue. Though she started with an initial earning of 100 per day, she soon expanded her business and also managed to train some women to work with her. With increased orders from buyers, Vasantha dreams of expanding her business further. She thanks SMFG India Credit for providing her with the opportunity to take charge of her and her family’s life and in helping her become a successful entrepreneur.