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Health Insurance

We work hard to access the best of life and provide means to live happily – comfortably - better than ever to ourselves and our loved ones. However, we can’t neglect the hardship one may face in case of health issues. No one plans to fall ill or get hurt, but most people face the need for medical care at some point in time. The COVID-19 pandemic is the best example of uncertainty. That’s why Health Insurance is so important. It provides arbitrage from every increasing medical bill while providing preventive care. It also allows one to access quality health care for lifelong.

We at, SMFG India Credit have associated with ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Ltd, to offer you a range of health insurance policies. Cigna and Manipal Group have over 300 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, with them as JV partners - ManipalCigna has been at the forefront in addressing consumer problems and has been bringing solutions to address the core issues that customers are facing – Value for money premium, lower waiting periods for pre-existing diseases, non-reducing Bonus, restoration of Sum insured, non-medical expenses deductions and better claim experience.

Key products offered by ManipalCigna Health Insurance

ProHealth Prime plan

This plan attempts mass customization in health insurance. The Prime plan is modular in nature, one can find a solution for each segment which includes coverage from simple hospitalization to specific needs like OPD, maternity, and above all coverage for customers suffering from existing health conditions without long waiting periods.

ProHealth Prime entails unique benefits depending on plan variant along with optional covers opted, such as

  • Sum Insured up to 1.00 Crores.
  • No Age wise sub-limits or co-pay
  • Unlimited restoration of your existing Sum Insured if it falls short due to another or the same illnesses in the same year,
  • coverage for out-patient expenses (OPD) on a cashless basis in the network
  • Choice of ‘Any room’ category including suite,
  • Claim agnostic guaranteed cumulative annual bonus up to 200% of base SI.
  • Air ambulance that doesn’t reduce your Sum insured.
  • Annual Health Check up in a year not just in illness but in wellness too.
  • Option to cover non-medical expenses that amount to 10-15% of the total hospitalization bill,
  • Coverage for maternity up to 10% of SI or 1L whichever is lower, along with an option to cover infertility charges as well. These are over and above the main sum insured.
  • Premium waiver in case of covered contingencies, and many more.

Lifetime Plan

ManipalCigna Lifetime Health is a thoughtfully designed solution, to secure an individual’s and a family’s domestic and global healthcare needs at every stage of life. It is a feature-rich product, with lots of in-built benefits and optional packages that can be customized, and comes in two plan variants namely India Plan and Global Plan

  • Both the variants come with future proof high range of sum Insured options ranging from Rs.50 lacs to Rs.3 Cr
  • Both can be taken together to have independent sum Insureds up to 3 Cr + 3 Cr or India plan only 
  • India plan will take care of domestic healthcare treatment cost whereas the Global plan will ensure access to international hospitals for major 27 illnesses like cancer – Organ transplant – Heart and Nervous system related conditions.
  • The major difference between two variants is the Area of coverage - India plan as the name suggests covers treatment in India and the Global plan can be used for treatment in renowned international hospitals like Mount Elizabeth, Raffles or Parkway in Singapore or Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic in USA
  • Both Plan covers treatment cost on an indemnity and benefit basis and include modern treatments like Robotics/ Cyber knife and Mental care.

Lifetime Health provides value-based high offering and value-based pricing. It is also an easy way to upgrade your existing cover to secure protection for a lifetime.

For example: Currently in the market, Health Insurance coverage for a sum Insured of Rs.10 lacs for a healthy male Individual of 40 years, living in Delhi / Mumbai will cost in the range of Rs.11,000 to Rs.12,500 whereas a Lifetime Plan will cost Rs.12,899 including taxes, for a sum insured of Rs.50 lacs for the same individual.

Prime Senior Plan

India’s elderly population is to rise 41% over the next decade to touch 194 mn in 2031 as per a Govt report. The situation of older people's needs is bifold as the co-morbidities start hitting and health care cost is rising by almost 15-20% every year, which means the treatment cost may DOUBLE every 5th – 6th year.

  1. The number of older people is growing
    As of 2019, over 139 million people living in India are aged over 60 which is over 10% of the country’s total population. The proportion of older people is expected to almost double to 19.5% in 2050 with 319 million people aged over 60. This means that every 1 in 5 Indians is likely to be a senior citizen.
  2. Older people need care and support
    An aging population increases the demand for health services. Older people suffer from both degenerative and communicable diseases due to the aging of the body’s immune system. The leading causes of morbidity are infections, while visual impairment, difficulty in walking, chewing, hearing, osteoporosis, arthritis, and incontinence are other common health-related problems.

To help, battle the need, our partner ManipalCigna has launched a plan exclusively for 56+ years.

  • No proportionate deduction on total associated medical expenses, when using a higher category room than eligibility
  • For Organ Donors – Not only the In-Patient Hospitalization expenses are covered but pre- & and Post Hospitalization expenses Cost towards donor screening once in a Policy year for successful transplant up to the Sum Insured along with Complications arising during hospitalization or up to 30 days from the date of discharge (Up to 25% of SI subject to a maximum of Rs. 2 Lacs, Over and above SI )
  • Option to reduce the co-payment to 0% or 10% or increase the co-payment to 30% from the default 20%.
  • Option to reduce the pre-existing diseases waiting period to just 90 days from 24 months.
  • No Sub-limits on any treatment including advanced or Modern Treatments
  • Elite Plan version provides 100% restoration of the Sum Insured, Multiple times available in a Policy Year for all illnesses, whether unrelated or same in addition to the Sum Insured
  • Guaranteed bonus of 10% for every completed year Max 100% of SI in the Elite Plan

Main Things that should be kept in mind while buying health insurance

It is important to have a health product that will see you through a lifetime. That’s why, you should have a health insurance product that is simple, predictable, and affordable that will take care of the living benefits of health insurance throughout your and your family’s lifetime.

So, while buying a health insurance:

Step 1 is to ensure you have a personal health insurance plan and not missing on it.

Step 2 - would be to buy a policy that is customizable and comprehensive to secure not just the current health needs but also the ones you and your family are likely to require at different stages of life

Step 3 - It’s also important to look for additional benefits such as loyalty bonuses, premium waiver, Restoration Benefits, cumulative bonus boosters, Ease of Claim Process (Cashless & Reimbursement), and rewards for a healthy lifestyle amongst several others.

Step 4 - would be to get maximum coverage benefits with value-based affordable premiums.

Finally, Step 5 - Customers should be aware of what they have bought, and they should definitely make an honest declaration of their health status so that there are no challenges during the claim process.


IRDAI is not involved in activities like selling Insurance policies, announcing bonus, or investment of premiums. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint.


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