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How to Apply for a Personal Loan Online - Step by Step Process

Published on Feb 27, 2020Updated on Jan 23, 2024

How to Apply for a Personal Loan Online - Step by Step Process

Personal Loan is unsecured, which you do not have to pledge assets. You are eligible to apply for the loan whether you are a salaried or self-employed individual. You can avail up to Rs. 25 lakhs starting at an interest rate of 11.99%*. The tenure is between 12 months and 60 months. You have to pay the mandatory processing fee of up to 3% of the principal amount borrowed during the loan agreement.

So now that you are aware of the personal loan details, you may wish to apply for the funds. After all, the next step to get the funds is to know how to apply for a loan with us. At SMFG India Credit, we provide you with the option to drop your loan application on our website. Or, you can simply walk into the nearest SMFG India Credit branch office to drop in your loan application.

Since several of our customers prefer to drop the loan request on our website, in this particular post, we will talk about how to apply for a personal loan online:

Apply Online on SMFG India Credit Website

The ‘Apply Now’ button is located at the top corner and right-hand side of the home page and every page of the website. Click on it and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Under the section ‘What kind of loan you're looking for?’ select ‘Personal Loan’.
  • On the right-hand side of the page, you need to select ‘Salaried’ if you are a salaried individual or ‘Self-Employed’ if you are a self-employed individual.
  • For instance, select ‘Salaried’. Provide your mobile number in the field ‘Enter Mobile No’ and proceed.
  • Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile number, in the field ‘Enter 4 Digit OTP’ and proceed.

    NOTE: If you have selected ‘Self-Employed’, you will have to select the type of business entity, industry type, total years in business, and the business proof document in the loan application form.

  • After filling the details, you can proceed by clicking “Submit”.

How to Apply for Personal Loan Online

Apply Online using SMFG India Credit InstaLoan App

You can download SMFG India Credit’s SMFG India Credit InstaLoan app from Google Play Store (for Android users) and apply for a personal loan by following these steps:

  1. Download the app on your mobile phone
  2. Enter your mobile number. Please note that this number will be registered with SMFG India Credit for all future communication, and so we advise you to provide an active number which you are using.
  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile and verify your number.
  4. Set up your MPIN. This MPIN will help you access the app securely at any time, from anywhere.
  5. Enter your personal details such as name (as per valid ID proof), date of birth, email, gender, address, etc.
  6. Enter your employment details such as name of the company, joining date, office address and telephone number, etc.
  7. Enter your bank account details such as name of the bank, account number, branch and so on. Please note that this will be the account where the amount will get deposited if your loan gets approved, so please enter this carefully.
  8. Upload documents as indicated.
  9. Verify all details once more, check “I agree” on terms and conditions, and then click on “Submit”. We advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your application.
  10. Your loan application is complete.
  11. Please note that at the moment, only salaried applicants are eligible to apply for a personal loan using this app.

Required Loan Amount

The next section will display the maximum limit of the loan amount you can get. It will also showcase the tenure and any applicable EMI offers.

  • Enter the loan amount you require in the field ‘How much do you need?”
  • Underneath you will find different combinations of tenure with corresponding EMIs. Select the tenure you want.
  • This page will also provide information about the starting rate of interest. Click ‘Go Ahead’.

NOTE: To understand the exact monthly instalment you have to pay, take the help of the personal loan EMI calculator, available on our website. This financial tool is free-of-cost and gives accurate results.

Personal and Work Info

The next section will inquire about other details about you and your employment.

  • Select your marital status and qualification (education).
  • Enter your personal email address.
  • Provide your current address and permanent address.
  • Select the date from when you are residing at the address.
  • Select the ‘Residence type’.
  • Provide your PAN number.
  • Click ‘Save & Proceed’.
  • In the ‘Documents Upload’ section, upload the soft-copy of the required documents.

Now proceed with the remaining steps on how to apply for a personal loan as specified on the page. You will be informed within a few minutes whether or not your loan application will be taken forward. If yes, you will be given a reference number which you can use to track your personal loan application.

Final Words

You can apply for a SMFG India Credit personal loan online easily at any time of the day. All you need is the required device with an internet connection to drop the loan application and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

* Please note that this article is for your knowledge only. Loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms, disbursal process, foreclosure charges and foreclosure process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you wish to know more about our products and services, please contact us

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