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5 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Published on Nov 24, 2021Updated on Aug 29, 2023

5 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

For Indian households, the kitchen is arguably its most important part. Nutritious breakfasts, delicious lunches and healthy dinners are prepared in Indian kitchens. A kitchen is a storehouse of a variety of spices, multiple utensils and delightful snacks. A kitchen would also have electronic equipment such as a fridge, a water filter, a microwave oven etc. Therefore it is important to have an optimally designed kitchen that is not only tasteful but also ensures maximum efficiency for those who are preparing meals or cleaning utensils. Kitchen remodelling can also improve one’s home value.

Here are top 5 kitchen remodeling ideas to make your kitchen look attractive:

1. Brand New Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are the biggest differentiator and there are several options available. If your budget supports, you can give in to the temptation of installing granite or quartz slab kitchen countertops. If not, then also you have presentable options like laminates, granite remnants, or tiles and ensure that your kitchen countertops look elegant and are easy to maintain.

2. Hang or Fix Them Up

Modern and utility-driven kitchen appliances like new double ovens, water filters, toasters, etc can be fixed on the wall or laid on planks that can be fixed upon an empty wall. This will give your counter sufficient space, thereby preserving space and improving your kitchen’s functionality.

3. Colour Coordination

Having a two colour tone in your kitchen is an aesthetic pleasure. There are also other things you can consider like reflective marble and geometric tile backsplash to complement your newly refaced kitchen counters. Adding a tile backsplash makes it easy to clean and can look stunning, thereby enabling grime protection in style. To further increase the kitchen’s style quotient, you can install large ceiling lamps or low hanging pendant lamps. This will also make the kitchen look cosier.

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4. Small Dining Table

Squeezing in a small dining table for two as an extension to your counter is an excellent idea. It adds to your workspace in the kitchen when it's not used as a dining table. It increases efficiency in having a quick breakfast. It certainly adds tremendous grace to your living room.

5. Break The Rules!

Break the rules and go for the unusual but practical. Go for high storage cabinets, induction gas, and large windows for natural light. Try to get a couple of large windows in the kitchen and make it airy and spacious. Thus, it won’t get too hot in your kitchen.

Kitchen remodelling is a great package of benefits of optimising the available space, jazzing up the look, and giving a boost to the home value. If you need funding to get the dream kitchen, one of the best available options is to get a personal loan. SMFG India Credit offers many benefits to those who want a home renovation loan. SMFG India Credit’s personal loan meets all your requirements for home renovation which includes kitchen remodelling.

SMFG India Credit offers competitive personal loan interest rates, flexible tenures, and promises a smooth transaction experience.

Let us see in detail how you can go about remodeling your kitchen with SMFG India Credit. Features and benefits of kitchen remodeling personal loan are:

  1. Loan Amount: With SMFG India Credit, your loan amount can go as high as INR 25 lakhs*, depending on your eligibility. The generous amount gives you the flexibility of considering all your options. The personal loan funds can be utilised for any purpose.
  2. Easy Application Process: Applying for a SMFG India Credit personal loan online is easy as it just involves filling up a simple online application form. This is followed by uploading the listed documents and entering loan related details. Thereafter, the funds are disbursed after successful verification checks and loan agreement execution.
  3. Flexible Tenure: SMFG India Credit’s repayment tenure ranges from 12 months to 60 months. The flexible tenure offered by SMFG India Credit on personal loans lets you plan your repayment as per your budget.
  4. Minimum Documentation: Personal loan documents for SMFG India Credit are minimal and hence the disbursal of the loan is quick, within a few hours of approval.

    You have to provide the following documents:

    a) Identity Proof

    b) Address Proof

    c) Age Proof

    d) KYC (Know your Customer)

    If you apply as a salaried individual, you need to submit the following documents too:

    e) Salary slips for the last three months

    f) Bank statement for the past six months

    g) Income tax returns / form 16

    If you apply as a self-employed individual, you need to additionally submit the following documents

    h) Income proof / financial statements

    i) Proof of income and expenditure document

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  5. Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility criteria for SMFG India Credit are crystal clear. You can apply as a salaried individual as well as a self-employed individual. If you are applying as a salaried individual, you need to be between 21 to 60 years of age and your monthly salary should be above INR 20,000 INR 25,000 for residents of metro cities). You need to be working in the current organization for a minimum of 1 year. and have a good credit score with an excellent repayment history. Please note that final eligibility will depend on several other factors including SMFG India Credit’s policy at the time of loan application.
  6. Personal Loan EMI Calculator: A Personal loan EMI calculator gives you an estimate of the EMI amount you have to pay for a specific loan amount, interest rate and tenure. You can use this tool which is freely available on our website to plan your loan better.

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