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Learn 5 Financial Mantras From Lord Krishna On This Janmashtami

Published on Aug 28, 2023Updated on Feb 6, 2024

Learn 5 Financial Mantras From Lord Krishna On This Janmashtami

The Bhagavad Gita, which contains Lord Krishna's teachings, is a timeless text that contains significant lessons. His wisdom stretches beyond the confines of spirituality and touches on matters of development, morality, and judgment. 

Lord Krishna’s mantras for success teach us the importance of carrying out our responsibilities with devotion and honesty, emphasising that the right route is frequently not the one that is simple. His teachings stress the value of accepting obstacles, developing detachment from results, and acting selflessly and without regard for the outcome. Lord Krishna's emphasis on achieving inner insight, remaining calm in the face of difficulty, and finding balance in life are eternal lessons.

5 Financial Mantras From Lord Krishna

During Janmashtami 2023, here are a few ways we can apply these lessons to our finances and make them our financial mantra: 

1. Detachment

Lord Krishna stresses the value of distancing ourselves from the outcomes of our deeds. Making wise financial judgments without becoming overly enamoured with wealth or material stuff is what this means in the context of finances. Do not let your emotions or decisions be influenced by a fixation on money; instead, concentrate on prudent financial planning and investing. 

Realize that inner fulfilment is the ultimate source of prosperity, rather than only material possessions. Aim for a sense of fulfilment that surpasses the acquisition of commodities.  Take a balanced approach to money concerns, considering wealth as a tool for fulfilment and service rather than as the ultimate objective.

2. Duty

Lord Krishna exhorts Arjuna to carry out his responsibilities without getting caught up in the results. Similar to this, make an effort to manage your resources as effectively as you can by working hard and making wise financial decisions. Make wise financial decisions by setting aside money, making investments, and establishing a solid financial base. Spending restraint promotes greater financial stability.

Recognizing that outcomes are sometimes beyond your control, let the rest play out naturally. Aim to fulfil your financial responsibilities without getting caught up in the results.

3. Balance

Lord Krishna emphasises the value of equilibrium and moderation in all facets of life. A balanced financial life can be achieved by exercising discipline and avoiding excessive expenditure. Use restraint while you spend, invest, and consume. Keep your spending in check and adopt a balanced budget that reflects your needs and values. Lord Krishna discusses transience.  

Embrace resiliency in the face of monetary ups and downs. Adopt the principles of calmness and flexibility to face financial difficulties with grace. The key is to continue to be flexible in your financial concerns, to be open to change, and to adapt your financial tactics as things change while still maintaining balance.

4. Charity

By emphasising the virtue of a charitable attitude, Lord Krishna serves as a constant reminder that we should use our wealth not just for gratification but also for the benefit of others. Lord Krishna teaches us to share our abundance with those in need, much like a river that flows continuously and nourishes the ground it touches. Lord Krishna stresses generosity and selflessness. 

By allocating a portion of your income for charity contributions or aiding people in need, you can apply this idea to your money. The development of a charitable attitude not only benefits those around you but also gives your financial journey meaning and fulfilment. Develop a giving attitude and donate to organisations that share your ideals.

5. Austerity

One can apply the lessons of austerity taught by Lord Krishna to their own personal finances. Living within your means, setting aside money for emergencies, and practising discipline all demonstrate readiness and discipline. Lord Krishna encourages simplicity in life. 

Curb your impulses and desires so they don't cause irrational spending or financial imbalances. Controlling one's desires helps one make sensible financial decisions. The key is to practise austerity whenever possible without sacrificing your well-being or your obligations.


By integrating Lord Krishna's teachings into financial practices, individuals can navigate the realm of money with wisdom, integrity, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life. But everyone's path to financial freedom and empowerment is different. What may be applicable to you may not be for others. 

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