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Places To Visit in India With Siblings on This Raksha Bandhan

Published on Aug 25, 2023Updated on Feb 6, 2024

Places To Visit in India With Siblings on This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the bond between siblings, is a time-honored tradition in India. It's a day when brothers and sisters come together to strengthen their connection and share their love. What better Rakhi gift for your sister than going on a thrilling or relaxing trip with your lovely sister?

Top 10 places that will give you the BEST Raksha Bandhan Celebrations:

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Rishikesh offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a silent, quaint type or an adrenaline junkie, Rishikesh is the best spot to spend Raksha Bandhan with your siblings. That said,  Rishikesh is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Imagine celebrating Raksha Bandhan by indulging in white-water rafting on the Ganges, bungee jumping from the iconic Jumpin Heights. The scenic beauty and adrenaline rush of Rishikesh will undoubtedly be the best Rakhi gift ever!

2. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand:

For unique Raksha Bandhan celebrations, head to Jim Corbett National Park. This renowned wildlife sanctuary is famous for its diverse flora and fauna, including the majestic tigers! Plan a thrilling safari with your siblings to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Being amidst the beauty of nature will make this Raksha Bandhan truly special.

3. Goa:

If your idea of celebrating Raksha Bandhan involves sun, sand, and sea, then a trip to Goa would be the best Rakhi gift for your sister. Goa has now become synonymous with relaxation and adventure. Spend your days lounging on picturesque beaches, trying out thrilling water sports, and exploring the vibrant nightlife.

4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

For siblings seeking an adrenaline rush amidst snow-capped mountains, Manali is an ideal choice. This popular hill station offers an array of adventure sports, from skiing and snowboarding to paragliding and mountain biking. The weather during this time in Manali is ideal for a fun trip. The breathtaking landscapes and thrilling experiences will make a perfect Rakhi gift for my sister.

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5. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

For more amazing Raksha Bandhan celebrations, consider the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This tropical paradise offers stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs. Explore the underwater world through snorkeling and scuba diving, or simply relax on pristine beaches. The islands' serene atmosphere and the variety of water-based activities make them an ideal destination for a peaceful yet thrilling Raksha Bandhan getaway.

6. Udaipur, Rajasthan:

Udaipur, often referred to as the "City of Lakes," is a city that is a mix of royal charm, rolling hills, and breathtaking views. Raksha Bandhan celebrations amidst the stunning Udaipur palaces and the tranquil waters of its lakes are an experience like no other. Take a boat ride on Lake Pichola, explore the grandeur of City Palace, and immerse yourselves in the city's rich cultural heritage. Udaipur offers the perfect blend of heritage and beauty, making your Raksha Bandhan celebrations truly enchanting.

7. Ooty, Tamil Nadu:

Ooty is a charming hill station nestled in the Nilgiri Hills that offers a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Raksha Bandhan celebrations in the cool mountain air, lush landscapes, and serene lakes of Ooty. Explore the sprawling tea gardens, take a leisurely ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, and indulge in delicious local cuisine. Ooty's tranquility and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for Raksha Bandhan celebrations and the best rakhi gift for a sister.

8. Coorg, Karnataka:

For a close-to-nature Raksha Bandhan retreat, Coorg in Karnataka is a fantastic option. Coorg is the go-to for nature lovers. Go on leisurely walks through coffee plantations, embark on treks to breathtaking viewpoints, and bond with your siblings over campfires under starlit skies. Coorg's tranquil atmosphere and verdant landscapes offer a perfect setting for rejuvenating Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

9. Darjeeling, West Bengal:

Darjeeling, with its mist-covered hills and panoramic views of the Himalayas, is a dream destination for nature lovers. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan surrounded by rolling tea plantations, visiting the iconic Tiger Hill to witness the sunrise over the mountains, and exploring the vibrant local markets are just some of the experiences that await you in Darjeeling. The ethereal beauty of this hill station creates the perfect backdrop for Raksha Bandhan celebrations and memorable moments.

10. Bir, Himachal Pradesh:

If adventure is what you seek, Bir, in Himachal Pradesh, is the place to be. Given the best rakhi gift in the "Paragliding Capital of India," Bir offers thrilling paragliding experiences amidst the stunning Himalayan scenery. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan by soaring through the skies, indulging in trekking, and relishing the local culture. Your adrenaline-filled experience will go down as one of the best Raksha Bandhan celebrations ever!

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