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Best 23 Places Perfect To Visit For Your Winter Holiday Escape In India

Published on Nov 28, 2022Updated on Jan 29, 2024

Best 23 Places Perfect To Visit For Your Winter Holiday Escape In India

When winter approaches, schools and offices announce long winter breaks. This is the best time to go holidaying to different spectacular places in India with your entire family. And what better way to plan a holiday than to take up a personal loan for travel?

Once you take up a personal loan for a holiday, you need not worry about the expenses of staying, travelling, adventuring, purchasing outfits, and bringing back gifts.

List of 23 Winter Destinations In India:

1. Gulmarg


When it’s winter around, there is no better choice of destination than Kashmir. Its beautiful valleys and snow-covered mountains make sunrises and sunsets more astounding than ever. You can go skiing and cable riding on the snow.

2. Shimla


Shimla is known for its lovely forests and in December, it is surely going to experience snowfall with temperatures reaching even negatives. While in Shimla, you can visit temples, go to the botanical gardens, and enjoy the panoramic views of the mighty mountains.

3. Manali


In December, Manali is the most beautiful city to spend time in. Its powerful mountains, curving roads, dynamic waterfalls, and peaceful valleys promise you an experience of a lifetime.

4. Auli


If you take up a stay in any resort in Auli, you can ski, play in the snow, have the best food, and take a walk in the lush green valleys around. Every morning, you can see the sun rise from over the Nanda Devi and Neelkantha peaks!

5. Binsar


From Binsar, you can view the Nanda Devi peak, Kedarnath, and Trishul. Plus, if you are fascinated by wildlife and nature, don’t miss out on Binsar’s wildlife sanctuary trip.

6. Dalhousie


This is one of the most unique hill stations to spend your time in if you’re in India. A hike through the Deodar forest with the chilly breeze ruffling your clothes can help you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

7. Kutch


You cannot miss out on the Rann of Kutch, or the majestic White Desert of Gujarat. Your family can camp under the night sky in sub-zero temperatures after a beautiful traditional folk dance show and cuisine. Make sure to reserve your tickets in advance!

8. Goa


There is nothing wrong with calling Goa the Party Capital Of India! This place buzzes with life and party, booze and food, all year round, but December is something different. Its beaches and scenic roads are quite the escape from your busy work life this winter.

9. Wayanad


Kerala is known for its canopy roads and dense jungles. Visit Wayanad and lose yourselves in Mother Nature. Enjoy sightseeing with new people, cultures, food, and birds!

10. Udaipur


When you visit Udaipur, you can take a good sneak peek into the worlds that our ancestors lived in. The forts and lakes in Udaipur can leave you speechless and its people are a joy to talk to.

11. Jaisalmer


If you can’t visit this city during the summer because of its scorching heat, you should definitely plan an outing in December. Jaisalmer has one of the most beautiful deserts and taking a camel ride or quad-biking can make this trip memorable.

12. Tawang


When you visit Tawang, don’t forget to click pictures of its monasteries, colourful bridges, prayer flags, and cultural dances.

13. Gangtok


Gangtok is a unique travel spot if you want to meet monks and understand the culture of the northeast. Its amazing roads and beautiful scenery can leave you flabbergasted.

14. Dharamshala


Enjoy the food, music, nature, spirit, and ambience of Dharamshala. Learn about the Dalai Lama and his philosophies from Tibetans residing here, and don’t forget to go on long walks to explore the place.

15. Mussoorie


The Queen of the Hills is the right title for this place with its vast lakes and enjoyable mountain views. You can shop till your heart’s content at the Mall Road.

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16. Coorg


The dense forests, fascinating waterfalls, and amazing tea gardens in Coorg will leave an imprint in your heart forever. December is the best time to make your escape here.

17. Shillong


This Meghalaya treasure is known for its weather and tourist attractions. You can take a look at the rich colonial architecture the city preserves.

18. Varanasi


Drenched in holy spirits by the side of the Ganges, this city will not fail to connect with your soul. Its Ghats and sweets are notable and its boat rides with hymns in the air make your trip worthy.

19. Nashik


Maharashtra has its unique heritage to portray. Don’t miss Nashik’s white-water rafting and hill-side trekking with wine and music.

20. Pondicherry


The French left this place more beautiful than ever. With the warm beach vibes accompanying you, make sure you enjoy water sports and French food.

21. Ooty 


The best weather, loveliest scenic views, misty hill treks, and romantic waterfalls make Ooty stand out in the list. Note the amazing train ride along the Nilgiris while you are here.

22. Jodhpur


This lovely Rajasthan city has temples, forts, and palaces to offer for tourists. You will be dazzled by the food and clothing of the traditional people here and the surreal feeling of calm will accompany you.

23. Munnar 


We started with the real Kashmir of the North, and we shall end with the Kashmir of the South - that is how beautiful Munnar is. You must walk through its gardens, climb the Anamudi peak, and taste the best tea at the TATA Tea Museum here.


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