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Romantic Destinations to Visit in India for Your Next Trip

Published on Nov 15, 2022Updated on Oct 18, 2023

Romantic Destinations to Visit in India for Your Next Trip

Speaking of magical and romantic places, nothing can beat India to the top spot. The season of love is never-ending, and winters are the best time to rekindle with your loved ones and take them out on a lovely trip.

The romantic destinations for couples in India are exhilarating getaways to discover love and stroll by each other’s side. These trips become even better when you plan your itinerary beforehand. The list of romantic destinations for couples in India is vast, and here is a list of a few handpicked ones that will assist you and your partner bond better and create beautiful memories.

Top 6 Romantic Destination to Visit in India

Considering the romantic getaways in India, let’s start with the ones that are must-visits for romantic couples to have a lovely time together.

1. Manali


Manali is the first choice that comes to mind when romance for couples is talked about. The glorious place with snow-capped hills is situated in Himachal Pradesh. The end of Kullu Valley and at an altitude of 2,050m in the Beas River valley is where gigantic mountains surround Manali. Moreover, the picturesque landscape, fruit gardens, and pretty flowers make it more beautiful.

Manali's calm and peaceful atmosphere makes it a romantic destination for couples in India. You can do adventure activities in Manali, like hiking, camping, and skiing.

2. Darjeeling


Visiting Darjeeling is like taking in a breath of fresh air. For couples, the experience is out of this world. Moreover, hill stations are ideal places for couples to reach out to. Walk with your partner through the majestic tea gardens, stroll through Tiger Hill, witness the beautiful sunrise, and take a glimpse of Mount Kanchenjunga when you are in Darjeeling.

When you are with your partner in Darjeeling, you can ride on the toy train and see the whole city. Romantic spots like Senchal lake and Rock Garden are places you can’t miss in Darjeeling.

3. Goa


It is otherwise a notion that Goa is only for people who love to party. However, that isn’t the case. It is a mix of two worlds and can be preferred by people based on their tastes.

Enjoy the nightlife or consume the city's tranquillity in areas with less crowd. Start your day with a grand breakfast alongside the beach and end your day with a romantic candlelight dinner by the shore. Reaching Goa all year around works, and you can go by rail, road, or air.

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4. Havelock Island


Havelock Island in Andaman is a perfect romantic couple destination. The turquoise-blue sparkling water of the beach and the serenity along the coastline bring a freshness that makes visiting this place worthwhile.

The silky, smooth, silver pearl of the sand, followed by the breath-taking coral bits within the beach, are some of the exotic offerings of Havelock Island. If you are in for some water adventure, go scuba diving together or explore the water kingdom. To reach Andaman by air, you can book a flight from Chennai.

5. Lonavala


How can we miss Lonavala when we mention romantic destinations for couples in India? Lonavala is the right place to go. The site is overcrowded throughout the weekend, so do avoid visiting it then.

To have a wonderful time with your partner, the best time to be here is on weekdays when you can have uninterrupted time to cover the scenic beauty peacefully. Also, while you are here, don’t miss out on jumping into various waterfalls with your partner. Reaching Lonavala is very easy from Pune and Bangalore.

6. Ooty


Ooty is one of the top destinations for couples to have a lovely time together and be at peace with nature. Situated in the Nilgiris, Ooty is the finest spot for couples who plan to escape the city life's hustle and bustle.

This place is known for its greenery and breath-taking locations that peep through the lush tea gardens. When you are in Ooty with your partner, don’t forget to visit the Rose Garden and take a toy train ride in the hills. Also, to participate in more thrill, go for a boat ride and go through the lake. Go shopping and get your hands on some chocolates and honey.


Whether you are newly married or want to run away from the hustle-bustle of the cities, a romantic trip is a superb way to do so. The places mentioned in the list offer a chance for you and your sweetheart to spend the best time together. The best part of all this is you can cover more than one romantic destination at a time without worrying about the budget. A holiday loan for travelling is how you can manage it.

Travelling with your partner is great, but it gets even better when you don’t have to worry about the expenses. Exhausting your savings isn’t a great idea when you have plans to cover plenty of destinations in different cities of India. Thus, an online personal holiday loan from SMFG India Credit can grant you a loan amount of up to INR 25,00,000*. With affordable personal loan rates, you can repay the loan as per your flexibility. If you are unsure of the monthly repayments, use the personal loan EMI calculator to understand the monthly breakup and adjust it according to your income.

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