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Top 10 Reliable Second Hand Cars You Can Buy Under INR 2 Lakhs

Published on Oct 13, 2023Updated on Feb 6, 2024

Top 10 Reliable Second Hand Cars You Can Buy Under INR 2 Lakhs

Buying a car for yourself can be a matter of great pride. Finding a reliable and reasonable option is crucial in the world of used cars. The market has a variety of second hand cars under INR 2 lakhs, whether you're a first-time buyer or looking for an upgrade. With this ever growing market for automobiles, searching for used cars under INR 2 lakhs can be a long journey. This list will take you through the best names for your use.

10 Best Second Hand Car Choices Under 2 Lakhs

To make it easier, here are a few of the used cars under INR 2 lakhs that you can consider: 

1. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Versions of the Maruti Wagon R are available in gasoline, diesel, LPG, and CNG. The petrol engine comes in capacities of 970 cc and 1197 cc, while the diesel engine has a 970 cc displacement. The Wagon R gets between 21.79 and 33.54 km/kg in mileage. This four-wheeler is equipped with anti-lock brakes, alloy wheels, side and front impact beams, and a collision sensor, all of which increase safety. 

2. Datsun Go

Both manual and automatic transmission features are available for the 1198 cc petrol engine in the Datsun GO. The GO travels between 19.02 and 20.63 kmpl. Offering a CVT powered model with a hatchback , this car also has additional features like an electronic fuel gauge, an ergonomically located parking brake, and a gear shift lever.

3. Toyota Etios

Powered by a 1496 cc petrol engine, the Toyota Etios delivers a mileage of 17.6 kmpl. Coming with a manual transmission, it has additional features like electronic fuel injection, a power assisted steering wheel, alloy wheels, and an engine immobiliser making it a complete package of a car within INR 2,00,000!

4. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

A well-liked entry-level hatchback vehicle is the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. It has a manual transmission and a 998 cc petrol engine as its power source. This vehicle has a fuel economy range of 20.2 to 20.92 km/l with additional features like power steering, a remote trunk opener, front-power windows, and many more.

5. Hyundai Eon

With options for petrol and LPG engines, this manual transmission delivers a mileage of 20.3 to 22 kmpl. With features like power and adjustable steering, an electronic multi-tripmeter, remote trunk, and a fuel lid opener, this car also includes safety measures like an anti-theft alarm, xenon headlamps, front and side impact beams, and an engine immobiliser, making it a perfect buy for someone looking for the best cars under INR 2 Lakhs! 

6. Maruti Suzuki Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has a diesel variation with a 1280 cc engine and a petrol model with a 1197 cc engine. Swift's fuel efficiency is 21.21 km/l for gasoline and 28.4 km/l for diesel. It boasts a remote trunk opening, a remote fuel lid opener, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and LED projector headlights with DRLs, among other additional features!

7. Hyundai Santro

The 1086 cc engine option and the two transmission choices—manual and automatic—are both offered on the 25 variations of the Hyundai Santro. The manual petrol and automatic petrol versions of the car have a mileage of 20.3 kmpl, while the manual CNG version has a mileage of 30.48 km/kg. The car's power steering, anti-lock brakes, crash sensor, and front power windows are a few of its important features.

8. Ford Figo

Diesel and gasoline engines are both available for the Ford Figo. While the diesel engine comes in sizes of 1498 and 1499 cc, the petrol engine comes in sizes of 1194 and 1497 cc. The Figo achieves fuel economy of between 16.0 and 25.5 km/l. With features like power steering, a multi-function steering wheel, a remote trunk opening, and more, this automobile is a complete deal, making it one of the best cars under INR 2 Lakh!

9. Tata Indica

With options of diesel, petrol, and LPG engines - with manual and automatic transmissions, this 4-wheeler delivers a mileage of 15.3 km/kg to 25.0 kmpl. Additionally, it includes features like power adjustable rear view mirrors, alloy wheels, and front and side impact beams.

10. Maruti Suzuki Ritz

The Maruti Ritz is a well-liked hatchback automobile. Both petrol and diesel engine types are offered. The diesel engine had a 1248 cc capacity, while the gasoline engine had a 1197 cc capacity. This car delivers 21.1 km per litre of gasoline and 21.8 km per litre of diesel fuel. Power steering, a remote trunk and fuel lid opener, an anti-theft alarm, and front power windows are a few of the car's notable features that contribute to its position as one of the best 2nd hand cars under 2 Lakh.


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