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Six reasons why Bali is the hottest destination in Southeast Asia today

Published on Dec 5, 2019Updated on May 21, 2024

Six reasons why Bali is the hottest destination in Southeast Asia today

Bali is a beautiful tropical island in Indonesia and among the top holiday destinations in Asia. It is also the number one honeymoon destination for Indian couples. It has everything a soul could desire for a solo holiday, family vacation or a romantic honeymoon – beautiful sandy beaches with blue lagoon water, rolling mountains, lush plains and amazing, sunny weather. Many people are also choosing to avail a quick personal loan for travel and plan a trip to this tropical paradise.

First, let’s find out why millions of tourists flock to Bali every year for a family holiday, honeymoon or a group tour. Here are the top six reasons why Bali is the best.

Stunning variety of beaches

Bali is literally a storehouse of beaches. There is a beach for every mood and desire and every beach has its own personality – mostly charming. This tropical paradise has everything: soft white sandy beaches to play and relax; amazing spots for surfing and extreme water sports for the daring; and emerald and blue waters for those with the love of diving.

Apart from the popular Nusa Dua and Kuta there are gems hidden everywhere. There are also secluded beaches where you can spend some quality time with nature.

Rich culture

What makes Bali uniquely beautiful is not just its natural beauty but cultural richness. The island is home to many indigenous cultures that take pride in keeping their traditions intact and are not shy to showcase them to the outside world. There are many festivals and ceremonies throughout the year, including the kissing festival, monster parade, and an amazing variety of music, dance and architecture.

The fascinating temples

Balinese temples are unique in design, architecture and size. There are grand temples overlooking the ocean and majestic temple complexes up on the mountains. These temples offer spiritual value, cultural insights and aesthetic pleasure.

Adventure at every corner

Bali brings out the adventurer in you simply because there’s an irresistible onslaught of pristine natural beauty everywhere. Whether you want to time the surf breaks, jump from a limestone cliff or slide down a natural waterslide at Aling-Aling Waterfall, there’s fun for everyone, everywhere.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to surf. Perhaps, this is an opportunity for you to learn. You can rent a board and practice some surfing skills. If natural waterslides are not your thing then you can try the thrilling artificial water slides at Waterbom. Enjoy snorkelling and explore the sea bed in a submarine – there’s adventure in every corner.

Comfortable accommodation

As millions of tourists visit Bali every year to spend their holidays, hospitality management, accommodation and amenities have reached world-class level. Whether you want to indulge in an expensive resort or take it easy in a low-priced hotel, you won’t be disappointed either way.

They are very hygienic, well-equipped and very well-designed. You will be amazed at how affordable some private villas are in Bali. In fact, some resorts and hotels are tourist attractions in themselves.

Lip-smacking food

We can’t talk about a holiday destination and not mention the cuisine. The culinary scene in Bali is as stunning as the beauty outside. Bali has a distinctive cuisine that stems from its rich traditional recipes, good cultivation practices and world-class chefs. All types of international cuisines are also available in Bali as international chefs flock to this place to create their own recipes and flavours. Bali is home to restaurants that serve all types of cuisines – national and conceptual. These restaurants serve a variety of international cuisines including Chinese, Greek, American, Mexican, French, Indian and more.

Visa on Arrival and Travel Loans

Destinations such as Dubai, Nepal, Bali, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka is popular among young people who make last-minute holiday plans and also because these destinations offer you visa on arrival. A growing number of Indians are travelling to holiday destinations in Southeast Asia with easy and cost-effective holiday loans. With millions of Indians bitten by the travel bug, many financial services companies have jumped into the bandwagon to the needs of the market. Gone are the days when one would have to save up for months or wait for their annual bonus to plan a semi-decent holiday – these days, a travel loan can be easily availed with minimal paperwork and flexible repayment options, thereby enabling millions of people fulfil their travel goals and create priceless memories with their families.

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