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10 Best Sports Bike Under INR 1 Lakh In India - 2024

Published on Sept 21, 2023Updated on Feb 20, 2024

10 Best Sports Bike Under INR 1 Lakh In India - 2024

A lot of us are crazy about sports bikes, ranging from a TVS Raider to a Bajaj Pulsar. For a few of us, it is the mileage that comes with the vehicle, for others, it is the glamour. The attraction of sports bikes under INR 1 lakh has captivated money savers, thrill-seekers and enthusiasts alike in the centre of India's varied and constantly changing automotive scene. While the search for the best sports bike is frequently associated with exclusivity, the Indian market has seen a rise in sports bikes under INR 1 lakh that are suitable for riders on a tight budget too. With most of the riders preferring bikes under one lakh, more and more automobile companies have started producing options, confusing buyers with variations.

10 Best Sports Bikes Under INR 1 lakh:

1. TVS Raider 125

Delivering a fuel efficiency of 56.76 kmpl, this bike provides a vibration-free 125 cc engine and a unique headlight design like nothing before. With a healthy maximum power of 11.2 bhp , it is also equipped with a synchronised braking system. There are two modes of riding: Eco and Power, both with different speed limits. It is safe to say that this bike has managed to encompass style, design, and functionality, presenting it as one of the best sports bikes under INR 1 Lakh!

2. Hero Super Splendor Xtec

Packed with a mileage of 68 kmpl and a 124.7 cc engine, this bike can be your buddy for long commutes! Powered by a BS6 engine and a combi-braking system, the best feature still lies with its Bluetooth-enabled digital display that showcases important information like missed alerts, incoming calls, etc., making it a complete package!

3. Bajaj Platina 100

With a promising mileage of 72 kmpl, this bike is a powerhouse. With only one variant, this bike encompasses a 102 cc BS6 engine. Equipped with knuckle guards, this bike is also well suited for long travels with front forks and rear springs. Packed with Bajaj’s Comfortec suspension technology, this bike delivers on both fronts of quality and design, disguised as one of the best options for bikes under one lakh.

4. Tvs Radeon

The TVS Radeon comes in 3 variants, each with a 110 cc BS4 engine. It also comes with a promised mileage of 69.3 kmpl. Delivering quality through TVS’s Synchronized Braking System, it also offers rubber grips. Available in 12 different colour schemes and with a guaranteed 5-year warranty, this bike will never fail to satisfy your needs!

5. Honda Sp 125

Powered by a 124 cc BS6 engine that delivers a fuel efficiency of 65 kmpl, this bike comes in two variants. Coming with a combi-braking system, this bike continues to use the piston-cooling jet technology to reduce friction. With a fully-digital instrument cluster, an LED headlight, and a five-speed gearbox, the Honda SP 125 definitely checks all the boxes as one of the best sports bikes under INR 1,00,000!

6. Bajaj Ct 125x

With this bike, Bajaj Auto has launched its most affordable bike in the 125 cc engine range. This bike includes features like a halogen taillight and headlight, an analog speedometer, a LED DRL, and bulb-type indicators. With a mileage of 60 kmpl, this bike also offers dual-tone colour schemes.

7. Hero HF Deluxe

Promising a mileage of 65 kmpl on average and having a 97.2 cc BS6 engine, the bike also consists of a fuel-injection system and ‘XSENS Technology,’ which adjusts the air-fuel mixture through the 10 sensors. It also has features like telescopic front forks and dual rear springs. Hero also upgraded its features by adding an idle start-stop system and an ‘is3’ system, which saves fuel in short stops.

8. Bajaj Platina 100

Ranging in 75-90 kmpl of mileage and equipped with a 102 cc BS6 engine, the features list of the Bajaj Platina 100 also includes long travel front forks, rear springs, 17-inch alloy wheels, and Bajaj’s Comfortec Suspension Technology. Maintaining a conventional and sleek look, this Bajaj gives solid competition to the others in the market for bikes under INR 1 Lakh.

9. Bajaj Pulsar 125

Available in 6 variants and giving off a mileage of 50-55 kmpl, this bike has managed to earn its reputation. Powered by a 124 cc BS6 engine, this bike also comes in a carbon-fibre edition. Retaining similar hardware features, an improved five-gear speedbox is added, making it an easy fit on our list of bikes under one lakh!

10. Hero Passion Plus

With an average mileage of 75 kmpl, this bike has features like a combi-braking system consisting of both front and rear drum brakes, the new OBD2 hardware, a utility box, and a semi-digital instrument console. It is safe to say that this bike has managed to cover all bases as one of the best sports bikes under INR 1,00,000!


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