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10 Best Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas For Your Siblings

Published on Oct 17, 2022Updated on Jul 17, 2023

10 Best Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas For Your Siblings

Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated all over India to mark the bond among siblings. It is celebrated on the last day of Diwali. This day is a great opportunity to shower one another with Bhai Dooj gifts.

The exchange of gifts amongst siblings symbolizes their love, respect, admiration, and care for each other. So, if you are looking for the best Bhai Dooj gifts, this article is for you.

Top 10 Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Siblings

1. Chocolates

The list of Bhai Dooj gifts couldn’t have started better than with chocolates! Chocolates add the required sweetness of love and appreciation towards your brother or sister. You can take it further by planning a customized chocolate box for your sibling. If you’d like to make it extraordinary, add their picture with a cute message that depicts your love for them.

2. Gift Vouchers

Don’t have the time to shop, or cannot finalize on one gift? When it comes to buying our siblings clothes, watches, books, etc., we may face the confusion of not knowing their favourite brands. This is where gift vouchers come in handy. A gift card or voucher will help them choose a gift from the brand they like the most with no worries of the billing amount.

3. Activity Tracker or Smart Watch

An activity tracker is one of the best Bhai dooj gift ideas that will assist your sibling in maintaining a decent track of their everyday activities. It is a tiny wearable watch that keeps a check on the user’s health and fitness. With an activity tracker, you can calculate your daily intake of calories and sleep timelines, and with the advanced ones, you can even listen to music.

4. Work Related Gifts

Corporate gifts are helpful if your siblings are leading a corporate life. Wallets, water bottles, or pens could be some ideal gift options. A table clock is another meaningful gift to offer. Another enticing idea for your brother is a recliner chair or an office setup at home with photo-frames of your family and friends.

5. Fragrances

Boys and girls both love fragrances, and this makes them an effective Bhai Dooj gift. Gifting your sibling a fragrance they can add to their existing collection of perfumes will work out great. So, if you are aware of their choices, a perfume can be a great gift idea. 

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6. Gadgets

Electronic gadgets make exciting gifts. This Bhai Dooj, you can surprise your sibling with a brand-new phone, headphone set, or a laptop. 

7. Pets

If your brother or sister wishes to own a pet but hasn’t been able to, it is time to gift them one. Bhai Dooj is an excellent occasion to surprise your siblings with a pet of their choice. 

Figure out their favourite pet and give one to them. Not only will your sibling be grateful to you forever, but they will also adore you for the years to come. Also, if you gift them a cat or a dog, ensure to include items like their food, collar, and beds.

8. Dry Fruits

Speaking of healthy and auspicious gifts, you can consider gifting dry fruits. This year, a pack of dry fruits with healthy nuts arranged beautifully can be a good Bhai Dooj gift. During festivities, everyone munches on something; dry fruits can be a healthy bite for your sibling.

9. Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is one gift that is universal to brothers. It is a thoughtful gift that will help them maintain a healthy routine and grooming lifestyle. You can add smart accessories to the grooming kit too, like cufflinks, ties, and belts.

10. Books

Books are one of the most respectable gifting options to consider during Bhai Dooj. From hardcover books to Kindles, from fictional stories to real-life biographies, books make any festive occasion more memorable. You can include a card explaining why you chose the given book to make the gift even more exciting.


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