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15 Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Published on Sept 9, 2022Updated on Nov 30, 2023

15 Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

With the growing population, the requirement for products and services in the economy is increasing. To serve a growing population, larger corporations or more businesses are required in the system. With changing times, the youth is more inclined on opening new businesses. Start-up is the trend, you may say. As exciting as beginning a business sounds, one needs to plan properly since there are many aspects one must consider, the most important being start-up capital. 
It is very difficult to get outside funding to start a new business from scratch, and most lenders refuse to provide loans to individuals who do not have an existing business and very little or no business experience. Thus, individuals often find themselves hard pressed to invest their own money to start a new business. That being said, let us explore a few business ideas that do not need much capital. 

Here are the 15 Business Ideas in India to Start with Low Investment

1. E-work:

A business that solely works on online presence does not require much capital investment. Such a business is flexible and easy to sustain. Some modes are building an online store (building of e-commerce websites), building and beautifying websites, e-book publishing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more.

2. Social Media:

Building an online presence among various social media platforms helps build a community. Some businesses you can begin leveraging social media platforms are –becoming an influencer, doing product reviews, conducting online surveys, beginning a Youtube channel, and many more.

3. Fashion:

Building a business in fashion will never stop being a busy one. Creativity and originality are two pillars of this industry. Some business ideas in this industry are – becoming a designer, having your fashion boutique, embroidery, alteration services, and many more.

4. Content:

With growing businesses, people wish to expand their reach. The simplest way is through content. Services such as blogging, content writing, and copywriting are some good business ideas, to begin with.

5. Stock Trading:

Stock trading is considered to be a simple way to earn money. Although, before beginning stock trading, it is helpful for one to learn about the same, to avoid losses. Having good skills will allow you to earn a good amount of income.

6. Education/ Teaching:

The education business is growing, as, after the COVID-19 lockdowns, the demand for remote roles has increased. Thus, the teaching business has a large scope in coming times. Some ideas are private tutoring, becoming a professor, conducting music classes, sports lessons, and more.

7. Child Services:

A child service business is simple to begin and can be done with a minimal amount of investment. Some ideas are babysitting services, creches, or play schools for infants. 

8. Pet-care:

If you love animals, this is the one business that will be fun as well as simple for you. Pet owners cannot stay with their pets the entire day, due to work commitments. Becoming a pet caretaker can help you earn money from the same.

9. Food Business:

The food business can never rest, thus monetizing on such an opportunity works in your best interest. Some business ideas with low investment in this industry are building a mobile food service center, having a cloud kitchen, opening a fast-food joint, and many more.

10. Interiors:

Working on interior designing is a high-demand and profitable business. Having clever marketing strategies and a creative as well as a passionate sense of design will help thrive your business. Some ideas are home décor, furniture, home, and office decoration, and many more.

11. Agent/ Broker:

Opening an agency or becoming a broker is a profitable venture. You become a middleman and have more than just 1 source of revenue. Becoming a real estate, insurance, mutual fund, or travel agent/ broker is a growing business.

12. Consulting:

For opening a consultancy, you need to be well-versed with a particular subject or industry is crucial. You can open an independent consultancy and build a wide customer base. You can market the same through speaking at events, and conferences and providing strategic solutions to the public.

13. Repair and Maintenance:

All tangible stuff requires maintenance from time to time. If they are not looked after they get spoiled and then require repairs. You can derive a business idea out of the same. Repairs and maintenance of automobiles, ACs, electronic devices, and more such devices can be a business idea.

14. Security Services:

In today’s world of insecurity and people not feeling safe, you can provide services that help them overcome this fear. Ideas such as building a surveillance system, having a security guards’ network, bodyguard services, and more can be monetized.

15. Accounting:

People, as well as businesses, usually require help with finances. Opening an accounting and book-keeping business if you know the same field will help you build a successful business. You may provide solutions to SMEs and firms.


Above are some business ideas with low investments that you can begin. Choose the field/ industry that grasps your interest the most. For running a successful business, capital is required, but the most important requirement is motivation and dedication. After you set up a business on your own, run it for at least 5 years such that it has been sufficiently profitable for at least 2 years, you can become eligible for business loans for expansion. Reputed lenders like SMFG India Credit provide unsecured business loans upto INR 75 Lakhs* to eligible borrowers at attractive interest rates and tenures upto 48 months*. To know more, apply now or visit your nearest SMFG India Credit branch.

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