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Check Bike Registration Certificate Status Online

Published on Nov 29, 2023Updated on Jul 22, 2024

Check Bike Registration Certificate Status Online

In today's digital age, checking your bike's Registration Certificate (RC) status online has never been easier. Your RC is a crucial document that validates your bike's registration and your ownership. This article simplifies the process, offering step-by-step guidance on performing a bike RC check online. Our goal is to ensure that your bike's registration remains in compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. Whether you're a new bike owner or simply need to verify your RC status, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to navigate the process seamlessly.

What is a Registration Certificate?

A Registration Certificate (RC), often referred to as the bike's registration, is a crucial document that unequivocally affirms your ownership of a bike. This official certificate is issued by your local transport authority, solidifying the bond between you and your beloved two-wheeler. It serves as irrefutable proof that your bike has undergone the required registration process, officially tying it to the government's records. This document includes vital details about your bike, such as its make, model, engine number, and registration date. Not only does the RC validate your ownership, but it also ensures you comply with legal obligations, including tax payments.

Importance of Registration Certificate

Much like your bike insurance online policy, your Registration Certificate (RC) holds paramount importance when you venture out on your two-wheeler. In India, possessing an RC is not merely a matter of convenience but a legal requirement to drive your two-wheeler on public roads. Failing to carry your RC while riding can lead to substantial fines, with a first offense incurring a penalty of INR 5,000 and subsequent violations subject to fines of up to INR 10,000. Furthermore, the absence of a valid RC may even result in the seizure of your vehicle by traffic authorities. Beyond legal compliance, the RC is also a prerequisite for securing a bike insurance online policy, as it substantiates your bike's legal status and ensures that you are not only adhering to the law but also eligible for essential insurance coverage.

How to Get Registration Certificate for Your Bike?

Just like purchasing bike insurance online, obtaining your bike's registration certificate online is a straightforward and hassle-free process. You can register your vehicle and acquire the RC by visiting the 'Vahan' portal in your web browser. To initiate the bike registration process, start by visiting your local transport office, where experienced authorities will provide you with guidance and instructions. You'll need to submit essential documents, such as proof of identity, address, and vehicle purchase, along with the required application form. Following this, pay the stipulated fee as determined by your regional transport authority and adhere to the prescribed registration process, ensuring that all necessary documents and fees are in order. The culmination of these steps results in the issuance of your Registration Certificate, solidifying your bike's lawful registration.

How to Check RC Data or Vehicle registration Information Online: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Begin by visiting the Parivahan Sewa Portal at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.
  2. Navigate to the 'Online Service' section.
  3. Choose 'Vehicle-Related Services' from the options.
  4. From the dropdown menu, pick the state where the registration certificate application was submitted.
  5. Enter your vehicle registration number.
  6. Select the appropriate 'State RTO' from the dropdown list.
  7. Click on 'Status' at the top of the page and then select 'Know Your Application Status.'
  8. Enter your application number, captcha code, and click 'Submit.'
  9. Finally, opt for 'View Report' to access your registration certificate status.

Instantly gain access to comprehensive information contained within your bike's RC. This includes owner details, vehicle specifications, and more. This hassle-free process ensures that you are always informed about your bike's registration status and essential details.

How To Check Registration Certificate Status Of Bike Online?

For your bike's RC check online, there are two convenient methods:

  • Application number: Visit the official Parivahan website, select "Online Services," choose "Vehicle-related services," and pick the state where your bike is registered. Proceed to "Know your Application Status," enter the registration number, and click "Submit." Finally, click on "View Report" to access comprehensive bike details.
  • Vehicle number: On the Parivahan website, go to "Online Services," select "Vehicle-Related Services," input the vehicle number and security captcha, and click "Search Vehicle." This method provides access to a wealth of information, including the registration date, engine number, owner's name, fuel type, model number, manufacturing date, and more.

Tips to Perform an RC Online Check

  1. Accuracy: Double-check the accuracy of the registration number you enter. Even a minor error can lead to incorrect information.
  2. Secure Connection: Always ensure that you have a secure and private internet connection when accessing sensitive information.
  3. Trustworthy Sources: Rely exclusively on official and trustworthy websites like the Parivahan website. Avoid unofficial or suspicious platforms to safeguard your data and ensure accurate results. These precautions will help you make the most of online RC checks while preserving the integrity of your bike's registration status.

How to use SMS on your Phone to verify Vehicle Registration Information?

For a quick and convenient bike Registration Certificate (RC) status check on the go, simply compose a text message with "VAHAN" followed by your bike's accurate registration number. Send this message to the designated SMS number, 7738299899. In a matter of moments, you'll receive a text message providing essential information about your bike's RC status. This method is not only swift but also remarkably straightforward, ensuring that you can stay updated on your bike's legal compliance without any hassle. Whether you're on the road or elsewhere, this mobile-based solution allows you to keep a close eye on your bike's registration, providing peace of mind and security.

How To Check Bike Owner Details Online?

  1. Click or tap on the "Know your vehicle details" button featured in the menu bar.
  2. Provide the vehicle's registration number and input the displayed "captcha" code.
  3. Click or tap on the "Search Vehicle" button. The screen will promptly showcase all the information related to the car or bike that was initially provided during registration with your local Regional Transport Office (RTO).

By entering the vehicle's registration number on the VAHAN website, you can access an array of essential details, including the vehicle's registration date, partial chassis and engine numbers, owner's name, vehicle class, fuel type, model number, registration certificate status, and many more details.

How to Apply Duplicate RC for Vehicles?

Obtaining a duplicate Registration Certificate (RC) in India involves two methods:

1. Online Method:

Start by visiting the Parivahan Sewa Portal and creating an account to initiate the process. Select "Issue of Duplicate RC". Make the necessary online payment to cover the fees, submit your application, and conveniently track its status online.

2. Offline Method:

Begin by filing a police complaint (FIR) if your RC is lost or stolen. Next, pay a visit to the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and procure the necessary application form, commonly referred to as Form 26. Fill out the form meticulously, attach the essential supporting documents, and make the prescribed payment. After submitting your application along with the required paperwork, the RTO will process it, and upon approval, you can collect the duplicate RC from their office.

Information Mentioned in the RC Of The Vehicle

1. Owner Details

The RC is your bike's identity card, and it displays the owner's name and address. This section offers a comprehensive record of the bike's legal owner, ensuring that there is no ambiguity regarding the individual responsible for the motorcycle.

2. Vehicle Details

Within the pages of the RC, you'll find valuable information about the bike's make, model, and unique engine number. These details are instrumental in precise identification and are critical in legal transactions or during police checks.

3. Registration Details

The RC includes the date of registration and the validity period. This section is vital as it keeps you updated on your bike's legal standing, ensuring you're aware of any renewals or expirations well in advance.

4. Registration Number

The RC showcases a unique identification number for your bike. This is a distinct legal identifier that sets your bike apart on the road.

5. Vehicle’s Specifications

You'll also find a section dedicated to the bike's specifications in the RC. This includes details about its engine capacity, fuel type, and other technical specifications, equipping you with essential information about your bike's capabilities and limitations.

6. Financial Details

Financial aspects are also included in the RC. If you've taken a loan against your bike or there's a hypothecation in place, these details will be listed here. It ensures that all involved parties are aware of the financial arrangements tied to the bike.

7. Insurance Information

Your bike's insurance details are meticulously documented in the RC. This is an indispensable part, especially for safety and legal compliance. In case of an accident or damage, the RC will indicate whether the bike is insured, ensuring that you can avail of insurance benefits.

8. Taxation Details

The RC also encompasses information about the taxes paid for your bike. Taxation is a crucial aspect of bike ownership, and the RC acts as a reliable record of your compliance with tax regulations.

9. Permit Information (for Commercial Vehicles)

If you own a commercial vehicle, the RC may contain permit details. These permits are essential for lawful operation, and having them recorded in the RC ensures you can operate your commercial vehicle without legal hindrances.

10. Other Details

The RC can hold a plethora of additional relevant information pertinent to your bike's registration. This may include past ownership history, any legal disputes, or specific modifications made to the bike. These details contribute to a complete bike profile and ensure that you are always aware of your bike's legal status and history.


Checking your bike's RC status online through the Parivahan website is an exceptionally user-friendly and convenient process. It empowers you to verify and ensure that your bike remains in a legally registered status, providing you not only with quick and easy access to crucial information but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your bike's documentation is up-to-date. Moreover, when it comes to financial support for your biking adventures, consider the tailored loan solutions offered by SMFG India Credit.

Our bike loans are designed to provide you with the funds you need to explore the roads ahead. With competitive terms, transparent processes, and a customer-centric approach, SMFG India Credit is your trusted partner in turning your biking dreams into reality.

* Please note that this article is for your knowledge only. Loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms, disbursal process, foreclosure charges and foreclosure process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you wish to know more about our products and services, please contact us

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