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Types of Motorbikes: How To Choose The Right One?

Published on Nov 24, 2023Updated on Jan 16, 2024

Types of Motorbikes: How To Choose The Right One?

If you're in the market for a new motorbike, you're in for a thrilling ride. With various motorbike styles and types available, the choice can be overwhelming. But worry not; we're here to help you find the perfect two-wheeled companion that suits your needs.

In this article, we'll explore the different types of motorcycles and look into the factors to consider before purchasing.

Different Types of Motorbikes

Motorcycles come in a variety of styles, each designed for a specific purpose and riding experience. Here's a quick overview of the different types of motorcycles:

1. Adventure

Also known as ADV bikes, these types of motorbikes provide better off-road capability and are a great choice for rugged terrains. They are typically equipped with a large 200-373cc engine and have a mileage of 35 km/L. They are comfortable for long distances owing to their long-travel suspension.

2. Cruiser

Cruisers are designed for relaxed, comfortable riding. They typically have large engines (249-883cc), low seats, and forward-mounted foot controls. These features make cruisers a comfortable pick for beginners. However, their low ground clearance and excess vibrations can be a potential problem for some.

3. Naked

As the name suggests, naked bikes have an almost complete display of their engines and frames. They are sturdy, agile, and versatile, as a result of which they offer a direct riding experience in an upright position.

4. Sportsbike

These motorcycles are designed for high speed and performance. Equipped with a very powerful engine (300-1000+cc), sports bikes offer better power, especially in races. Their aerodynamic build enhances the riding experience by boosting their speed against air resistance.

5. Tourer

If you are planning a long-distance trip, then a tourer can be your best buddy. Tourers are known for their ample space, comfortable seating, smooth handling, and cruise control. This bike offers a more upright positioning for the rider.

6. Sports tourer

A blend of sportiness and touring capabilities, sports tourers offer the best of both worlds. These bikes are perfect for riders who desire versatility and performance.

7. Dual sport

Dual sports bikes are typically lightweight, tall, and narrow with upright seating. Though they have smaller engines, these bikes are just as good in handling different terrain types.

8. Classic

These bikes are a favourite among riders who long for a timeless design with the efficiency of a modern motorcycle. Classic bikes typically have a vintage look and offer a modest performance and comfortable ergonomics.

9. Off-road

Off-road bikes are the go-to option for adventure enthusiasts who love a life away from regular roads. These bikes are perfect for riding on dirt, mud, and other challenging terrain. They typically have powerful engines, lightweight frames, and long-travel suspension.

10. Scooter

Not everything is about style. A scooter is the best example of functionality for city dwellers. Mostly equipped with a modest engine (50cc – 250cc), these two-wheelers are lightweight, easy to handle, and provide ample storage. The best part is that these bikes come with convenient servicing facilities.

11. Moped

Mopeds are the younger sibling of scooters with a small engine size (50cc). These are best for covering small daily trips and short distances.

12. Custom

Custom bikes offer the flexibility of modifying certain parts per the rider’s needs. This can include changing the bike colour, safety features, or the engine to suit the rider’s taste.

13. Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are the answer to an environmentally-conscious generation. These bikes are battery-powered, lightweight, and usually don’t have a gearbox. They don’t require much maintenance compared to traditional motorcycles, making them user-friendly. However, these bikes are still few in number and need a dedicated charging station in the rider’s vicinity for convenience.

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Motorbike

Buying a bike that fits your requirements requires properly understanding your needs before beginning the purchase. Here are some important factors to consider before you make a final decision:

1. Know Your Engine Size

Depending on the function, different motorcycles are equipped with varying engine sizes. These can range anywhere from 100cc to 2000cc. The engine size determines the power and performance of your motorcycle. If you are an experienced rider, a bike with a large engine offers more power, while beginners can benefit from smaller, fuel-efficient engines.

2. Consider the Height and Weight of Bike

In some cases, size does matter. You need to be able to control the bike (not vice-versa). The bike size is right if you can comfortably place both feet on the ground when stopped.

3. Fuel Efficiency of the Bike

If you like or need to commute a lot, choosing a more fuel-efficient bike is best. Fuel efficiency significantly impacts riding costs, so you need to know the mileage, as this can make a big difference over time. Also, bikes with more power tend to take up more fuel than others.

4. Getting Insurance for Your Bike

Having two-wheeler insurance is a huge plus as it offers financial protection in an emergency. Ensure you get quotes from multiple insurance companies before buying a new motorcycle.

5. Acquisition and Maintenance Costs

It is one thing to buy a motorcycle and another to maintain it. Remember to factor in the frequency of maintenance, warranty period, etc., before purchasing. Additionally, it would help to note the number of service centres for a particular brand, especially for those with transferable jobs.

How can I finance the purchase of a motorcycle?

Having a vehicle of your own is a dream for many. But there can be the issue of budget, which can somehow place a constraint on purchasing the kind of bike you want. To tackle this issue, there are several ways to finance the purchase of a motorcycle:

  • Using a credit card.
  • Availing a two-wheeler loan.
  • Financing options from motorcycle dealerships.

With a two-wheeler loan, buying a motorcycle becomes swift and easier. Not only does it take away the pressure off your savings, but it also lets you buy any motorcycle type of your choice without worrying much about the amount.

Availability of a two-wheeler loan is now possible with minimal documentation and a flexible repayment schedule. You can check your eligibility for a two-wheeler loan here.

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