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Our CSR Mission


SMFG India Credit's CSR Projects

SMFG India Credit CSR ProjectsSMFG India Credit CSR ProjectsSMFG India Credit CSR Projects

Niramaya Primary Health care is one of the key focus areas for SMFG India Credit that helps improve the social well-being of the community through health awareness and by implementing health programmes that enable the adoption of best health care practices.

Mobile Health Vans (MHV’s)

SMFG India Credit launched MHVs to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the un-served community by providing a solution that breaks the barriers faced by rural people in accessing primary healthcare. The MHV renders continuous healthcare services making healthcare accessible, affordable, and available to the most rural and remote areas.

SMFG India Credit has 17 MHV’s operational with various NGO partners, covers 1000+ villages across 10 states and provides consultations (OPD) to over 1,000 patients every day.



  • 17 MHV operational in 10 states
  • No of patients treated till date- 9,00,000+; No of patients treated in FY 23: 3,30,000+
SMFG India Credit CSR Projects
Jyoti Save the Eye
SMFG India Credit CSR ProjectsSMFG India Credit CSR ProjectsSMFG India Credit CSR Projects

Eye care check-up and screening facilities are not easily accessible for rural population and they have to travel to distant locations to avail such facilities. Eye diseases are one of the prime reasons for many rural household to be unemployed or unskilled which also deprives them from their daily livelihoods. SMFG India Credit ‘Jyoti-Save the Eye’ CSR initiative not only provides access to quality eye care at community doorstep, but also enhances awareness and addresses the incidences of ‘avoidable blindness’.

Our Vision Care Center’s (VCC) are extending eye care facilities deep into the community areas with appropriate infrastructure and trained human resources drawn from local communities thus addressing the eye care needs of rural India. Most of ours VCC are equipped with tele-ophthalmology which creates virtual interface between patients and ophthalmologists and provides real-time examination of eyes, allow direct online consultations and communication channels between patients and ophthalmologists.



  • No. of VCC operational- 17
  • Screened over 550,000 patients with refractive errors till date;  No of patients screened in FY23: 1,10,000+
  • Performed over 100,000+ cataract surgeries with the help of hospital partners till date
SMFG India Credit CSR Projects
SMFG India Credit CSR Projects