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8 Questions Lenders Will Ask Before Taking Small Business Loan

Published on Oct 17, 2022Updated on Sept 6, 2023

8 Questions Lenders Will Ask Before Taking Small Business Loan

As a small business owner, any significant step towards business growth, like expansion, resources, acquisition, and investment, requires a business loan. Since this decision will have a considerable impact on your small business, it is vital that you prepare well for the loan, documents, and application process. One of the most important steps in this process is being ready for small business loan questions and answers posed by the financial institution to check your worthiness for the loan.

The questions can vary from one lending institution to another. However, the bottom line remains the same, and so do some basic common questions.

8 Essential Questions Before Granting a Business Loan

1. What is the Loan Amount you Need?

Sometimes, answering this fundamental question can prove to be complicated. Lending money is a typical and conservative process. For lenders, it is essential to inspect that when it comes to your finances, you are well disciplined.

Thus, the key here is to show the lender that you have thought well enough of the question and are applying only for the amount you need. You might also have to justify this amount through your business idea and action plan.

2. How do you Plan to Repay the Loan?

Through this question, the lender is looking for an appropriate answer to get reassurance that the loan will be repaid on time. Depending on how your business blooms, you will do the needful to repay the loan. However, for a lender, your confidence in your repayment capacity defines whether or not they are satisfied with the answer.

Before offering a business loan, the lending institution will look through your assets, total savings, and collateral. They will scour through these details to ensure that you can tackle the ups and downs of a business and can still pay the loan. Business loan-related questions about your previous loans and debts might also arise. Moreover, they may also ask for your documents of tax returns.

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3. Can you Give Collateral?

Collateral is a valuable asset that you pledge out against a loan as security. Your collateral is at risk and can be taken by the lender if you cannot repay your loan. To secure a business loan, collateral might be required. Alternatively, plenty of other lenders might not ask for collateral but will expect you to have an ideal credit score to ensure the repayment is made.

4. What are the Ways you are Going to use the Money?

This question from lenders is posed to understand how you will spend your money to build your business. Helping the lender understand various operational segments in your business through details like budgeting, resourcing, and future scope can help you pass this answer. You may also inform them about the growth opportunities you see and the statistics that you have in place on which you have based your business plan.

5. What is the Prospect for your Business?

Plenty of small business creditors are keen to know more about your business. This is primarily done to make a lending decision that is refined and informed. Furthermore, you can expect more questions related to the other cost expenses. For instance, the financial institution may ask you about the stability of your business in years and your business structure.

6. What is the Strategy for Repayment?

Your loan approval is subject to many conditions, and how you plan your repayment strategy is one of them. Lenders need to understand the strategy they are planning to go ahead with. They need to know your mindset and approach to repaying the business loan once it is granted. How well you answer this question can determine how easily your loan is approved.

7. How Strong is your Credit Score?

Your credit score can make or break your chances of loan approval. This is one of the most critical questions any lending institution wishes to know before giving you a loan. A few details they look into are your loan history, income statement, total debt, length of credit history, and type of credit taken before.

8. What is your Business Vision?

Getting approval for a loan is different from being able to manage it well. Your business loan approval is impacted strongly by the business plan that you are planning on. Here, you may explain to them how you manage to allocate your funds and make the most of your resources. Additionally, gathering more plans and schemes to have a rigid schedule can help in giving a reassuring look to your business and help lenders understand your vision clearly.

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The more you plan and research your business, the better the vision of your small business loan will be. It is easy to tackle business loan-related questions when specific criteria are met. With the above small business loan questions answers mentioned above, one can prepare beforehand.

SMFG India Credit's business loan interest rates are affordable for small business owners. Additionally, you can check the business loan EMI calculator to plan your budget and expenses efficiently if your loan is approved.

* Please note that this article is for your knowledge only. Loans are disbursed at the sole discretion of SMFG India Credit. Final approval, loan terms, disbursal process, foreclosure charges and foreclosure process will be subject to SMFG India Credit's policy at the time of loan application. If you wish to know more about our products and services, please contact us

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