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10 Safety Tips for Two-Wheeler Owners

Published on Mar 15, 2022Updated on Jan 25, 2024

10 Safety Tips for Two-Wheeler Owners

India is one of the leading countries with the highest number of road accidents in the world according to the data released by the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Transport Research Wing. The bulk of victims of these road accidents involve two wheelers. Needless to say, the statistics do not portray a very positive picture of the safety measures in the country.

The need of the hour is to focus back on strictly enforcing a set of well-defined safety tips for bike riders that will help prevent road accidents going forward and most importantly, save lives.

Below are the Top Tips for Two-Wheeler Riders

Road safety is critical, and the necessary precautions should be taken to protect both two wheeler owners and pedestrians. This can be done by adhering to these safety tips.

1. Ride the Bike That You Feel Comfortable With

The two wheeler space has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last decade with the best brands from across the globe coming and selling from basic to luxury models in India. That said, a prospective owner should always keep their primary needs in mind at the point of purchasing the two wheeler instead of being blown away by the appearance, model and features. This is also the reason why it is recommended to get a brand new bike instead of an older model which may have issues due to poor maintenance. If you need funding to purchase a new bike, you can opt for funding through a two wheeler loan.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should be confident and comfortable when hitting the road. This in turn will ensure your safety. Always maintain your bike well, and take it for regular servicing. A well maintained bike is a safe bike.

2. Make Your Two Wheeler Visible

Another tip that will help ensure two wheeler safety on the road is by making the bike or scooter stand out among other riders. The easiest way to achieve this is by using reflective banks.

Simply stick these brightly coloured reflective banks on the helmet. This helps reflect light making the rider easily visible to his or her fellow riders and drivers on the road. Vehicles, in turn, will keep their distance from the two wheeler thus minimising the risk of collision.

3. Wearing Protective Gear is a Must

Just like car owners are required to put on the seat belt when driving, two wheeler riders should also wear helmets and elbow guards to ensure their safety. You can additionally wear jackets that may be unpleasant during hot weather but definitely add another protective layer for the bike rider.

4. Avoid Riding in Poor Weather

Two wheeler riders love to go on long bike rides. Be it lengthy rides on the highway or a short ride in the neighbourhood, riding your two wheeler in bad weather conditions is best avoided. Poor weather here refers to conditions such as high gusts of wind, heavy rains and storms which could impair visibility and/or make the roads dangerous.

Riding in such weather conditions enhances the likelihood of traffic collision. In cases of heavy rain and waterlogging, it would also be an additional burden to bike riders who have to deal with stalled engines. However, if you are compelled to ride under these conditions then you should ride with caution. Do not speed up and follow all safety tips for bikes.

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5. Adhere to All Traffic Rules and Guidelines

The Government of India has a well defined set of traffic rules and regulations that should be strictly followed by all two wheeler riders and owners. The purpose of following these safety tips is to protect the lives of both bike riders and pedestrians by reducing the number of road accidents.

However, flouting these traffic regulations should attract severe penalties. Extreme cases can lead to jail time.

6. Ride Safely at Traffic Intersections

Roads being empty does not imply that bike riders can speed up. Collision does not come with warnings, and it frequently occurs at traffic intersections as many two wheeler riders speed during yellow signals. On the contrary, you should try and slow down and patiently wait for the signal to go green.

It is also advisable to not overtake vehicles at intersections, bridges, school zones, pedestrian crossings, or other yellow-lined areas.

7. Slow Down at Busy Junctions

Indian roads are busy with an overload of vehicles. When riding through these busy roads, especially junctions, it is recommended that two wheeler riders should try and slowly navigate. There is a high risk of losing balance when you have both pedestrians and vehicles navigating on the same roads.

To prevent any mishaps, try and stop at every intersection and junction.

8. Maintain Safe Riding Distance with Other Vehicles

Keeping a safe distance from other motor vehicles on the road can certainly help prevent collisions. Two wheeler riders should also try and avoid the urge to cut through small gaps at high speed between two cars in motion.

Following this safety tip can reduce the risk of collision with other vehicles on the road.

9. Always give Pedestrians the Right of Way

Among many safety tips for bike riders, this is one of the most important. The road belongs to the rider and the pedestrian. Therefore, it is vital that two wheeler riders give them their due respect.

Allow pedestrians to cross the roads at traffic signals instead of trying to cut through them. This unnecessarily puts lives at risk.

10. Keep Your Eyes on The Road, Not Your Phone

Two wheeler owners should not be using their mobile phones at all while riding. Using headphones to remain connected to your phone is equally bad as it still creates ample room for distraction.

If a call or a message needs to be attended to, then it is always advisable to park the bike and do the needful.

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