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Top 10 Profitable Home Business Ideas To Earn Money

Published on Nov 30, 2022Updated on Oct 16, 2023

Top 10 Profitable Home Business Ideas To Earn Money

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit India, many people have faced troubles in winning back their jobs and continuing their career path. During these times, many individuals worked from home and with the convenience of not commuting to work, saving time and money, and working from a comfortable environment came home online business opportunities.

There are many ideas for work from home that can bring you a strong income and present unique growth opportunities. Explore and experiment with business ideas at home to gain an edge in this fast moving world.

10 Business Ideas for Earning Money at Home

The foremost criteria for home online business opportunities are:

  • Capital to invest in the first batch of products or raw materials
  • Enough room in the house to set up a workspace or storage
  • Funds to carry out transport or delivery
  • Basic knowledge of any one skill to monetize 

For carrying out your business idea at home, it is recommended that you take up a business loan to manage your expenses. This way, you can avoid causing any harm to your existing savings accounts and yet gain external financial freedom to explore ambitious ideas. Here are the top 10 profitable home business ideas that you can try to earn money:

1. Sell Handicraft

Handmade products like weaved baskets, sewn outfits, decorative ornaments, traditional showpieces, coir items, and knit scarves can be great ideas for products that you can sell from home. The demand for handmade clothes, jewellery, and toys will never die down. You can also establish your e-commerce shop online and sell through online delivery.

2. Consider Dropshipping

The concept of dropshipping works when one store acts like the medium of contact between two other stores. For example, you can consider the clothing dropshipping business idea at home where you tie-up with a clothing brand at your local shop and set up an online portal. You can purchase items from the brand at a wholesale price and the customers can order through the website at a retail price.

3. Customise Objects

Consider customising items at home by printing or dying them according to the customer’s demand. For example, you could get hoodies and jackets printed with names on them. You could start a business where you get names carved on keychains for special occasions. You could print mugs and pillow covers on demand with images sent by customers.

4. Start Wholesaling

You can bulk-order items to your house and create an online store by which you can take up orders and sell individual items as needed. You can trade in clothes, footwear, purses, toiletries, jewellery, stationery items, etc. You can even do this for festive seasons, that is, deal in Christmas decorations during December, Halloween makeup and cosmetics for October, etc.

5. Acquire Businesses

You can also take over an existing, well-running online business and handle the marketplace instead of doing everything on your own from scratch. Buy a brand, improve its operations and strategies, and resell it to someone who can carry it on from there.

6. Run Subscriptions

You can run a subscription website where people can sign up for regular deliveries of the same batch of products. For example, some people can have a fixed order of self-care items like creams, massagers, wipes, glosses, and scrubs that they wish to have delivered at the end of every quarter. Similarly, some people might like a monthly subscription of having certain food and snack items delivered home. Running a recurring-order based business can prove to be profitable.

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7. Educate Students

The one business idea at home that you can carry out with the least entry barrier is that of online education. You can teach anybody across the world any skill that you know, be it an academic subject or a game. Online, several teachers teach a range of skills like painting, singing, dancing, exercise, dietary management, digital marketing, coding, cooking, sewing, investing, etc.

8. Freelance Online

Turn to freelancing opportunities from home in digital services that you’re good at. This can include content writing, graphic designing, social media management, translation, photo editing, consultancy, etc. You can gain clients from all over the world and provide your services according to your convenience.

9. Sell Digital Products

Digital products like logos, pictures, books, animated videos, newsletters, podcasts, icons, fonts, courses, and templates will also sell well. You can learn a few of these, make them according to your taste, and put them up online to sell.

10. Grow Online

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube offer personal branding opportunities. Start talking and posting about what you know and establish yourself as an expert in your field of interest. You will slowly build a following, an audience that trusts you with your knowledge. Then, you can look at monetising your knowledge from home.

Business Loan For Work-From-Home Opportunities

If you are interested in discovering the potential of your own home online business opportunities, then you should consider taking up a business loan. You can take up  a business loan of up to INR 75 Lakhs* without having to give any collateral. Business loan interest rates offered by SMFG India Credit are competitive and tenures go up to a comfortable 48 months.

The business loan eligibility is simple. For the basics, you must be self-employed and must be associated with your current venture for 3 years. Your business must make a minimum turnover of INR 10 lakhs and your ITR must reflect a minimum income of INR 2 lakhs a year. To know more about your business loan eligibility, check out SMFG India Credit’s online eligibility calculator.


Start your work-from-home business idea without any further ado. Take up a business loan from SMFG India Credit and apply online by submitting your business loan documents. Check your business loan eligibility and find an estimate of your EMI and repayment schedule through SMFG India Credit’s EMI calculator. Become an entrepreneur from home today!

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