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10 Tips for Planning your Wedding under INR 5 Lakhs

Published on Sept 19, 2022Updated on May 21, 2024

10 Tips for Planning your Wedding under INR 5 Lakhs

When it comes to your wedding, don’t compromise on your dreams. After all, it's the biggest day of your life. Lack of funds should never be the reason to hold you back from making the most of your day. Now, plan your dream wedding on a small budget with SMFG India Credit personal loans.

How to Plan an Indian Wedding on a Small Budget?

First and foremost, if you want to plan a wedding on a budget, you must make a plan and be aware of the funds you need. Next, take a call as to whether or not you need extra funds to make this plan a reality. If you need a personal loan for a wedding, you will need the basic personal loan documents in order to obtain one. Also, to plan your finances clearly, you can take the help of a personal loan calculator and manage your liabilities and expenses.

Now let us get into how to plan a wedding under INR 5 lakhs in India:

1. Create a Well-Detailed Budget

Having a well-detailed budget helps you realize where your minor and major expenses are being made. Once you know the details, you can come up with solutions on how to save on them. You can also create an emergency wedding fund if you have a lot of time available.

2. Wedding Planner on the Call

If you are personally invested in every event or the whole planning process, you will miss having fun. Hiring a local wedding planner will smoothen and simplify things. Make sure you tell them about your expectations and outcomes from the same.

3. Seasonality

The wedding season ranges from November to February in India. During this season, a rise in the price of wedding planners, caterers, and event managers is usually observed. Getting married in the off-season is better as then you can avail the services of all vendors at lower prices.

4. Clothes & Jewellery

This is considered to be the most important factor for people. A simple way to save money on designer clothes and jewellery is by renting / leasing them for your functions. Purchase of the same will lead to hefty costs.

5. Joyous And Small

Keeping a small ceremony with selected loved ones, allows you to enjoy the inclusivity of everyone at the wedding. Inviting too many guests will just increase your wedding expenses. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed people to realise the benefits of smaller ceremonies, the biggest of which is reduced costs and simpler logistics.

6. Low-Key Yet Beautiful Venues

Keeping a grand wedding at a 5-star hotel can be an expensive affair. Having your wedding at a city hall or a small banquet hall will help you save money. Low-key or offbeat locations as venues will save your costs.

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7. Invitations

Many times, people spend a lot of money on getting invitation cards printed and choosing a magnificent one. It not only wastes money but is also not an environmentally friendly option. A much better alternative will be an e-invite. Paying a graphic designer for an e-invite is way less expensive than paying for actual printed invitations. These days, many people are also choosing to go with video invitations, wherein a small video is prepared by the betrothed couple or their close relatives with a loving message and a warm invitation for the guests.

8. Confirmations

Ensure that you ask your guests to RSVP on the invitations you send. It helps you to get an overview of how many people will turn out at the wedding, thereby allowing you to plan and budget for the food, space, travel costs, etc.

9. Catering

Catering is one of the most important aspects of organising a wedding. Thus, it is advised to go with a good caterer who provides tasty, high quality food as per the taste of your wedding guests. These days, there are many take-out services which cater to large events such as weddings at reasonable prices.

10. Merging and Saving

Having a separate event for each function will increase your costs enormously. Try to merge various events, or have them simultaneously at one venue. For example, having a Mehendi function along with a Sangeet, or cocktail with an engagement ceremony will help save a lot. You can even choose to keep the smaller functions restricted to immediate family in the comfort of your home, and organise the larger events only for the main wedding ceremony.


A wedding can be an expensive occasion and highly overwhelming. Planning your expenses well in advance will help you save on the entire budget. With the help of a SMFG India Credit personal loan for weddings, prepare to experience the best wedding under INR 5 Lakhs.

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