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Home Renovation Ideas to Light Up Home This Diwali 2024

Published on Oct 26, 2021Updated on Jan 23, 2024

Home Renovation Ideas to Light Up Home This Diwali 2024

Diwali is that time of the year when you drench your home in pretty lights. With festivities in the air, it is also the season for exchanging gifts and renovating homes. Giving a new look to your home not only gives you satisfaction but redefines the story of your family too. After a long and troubled year, this might be an excellent way to celebrate the festive season and hope for better times ahead.

If you are looking to be inspired with some home renovation ideas for Diwali, take a look at some of these fantastic makeover suggestions.

1. Consider Giving Your Foyer or Entrance A New Look

The entrance to your home creates the first impression on what’s to follow next. Why not use large brass pots to accentuate the doorways or traditional copper tumblers laden with flowers to add a natural scent as part of your home decor ideas for Diwali.

Colourful earthen pots can add that much-needed vibrancy to the theme of Diwali. Decorate with traditional diyas on the festival day.

2. Redesign Your Prayer Room

Your prayer room is where the zen resides. Giving it a remodel this Diwali can get everyone in the family energised and in the festive spirits. Install a marble temple if you have a wooden one to give the room a more serene and peaceful look.

Bright lights in warm hues can help add more ambience to the tonality in the room. Finish off with polishing the silver, adding a rug and decorate the room with in-season flowers.

3. Try a Different Colour Scheme

Our home renovation ideas for Diwali also includes transforming the look and feel of your home with a completely new colour scheme. Shades of red, yellow and orange always add a touch of brightness and warmth. It is best to go with hues that complement your personality and also give your home a cheerful and welcoming appearance.

If painting seems like a mammoth task budget-wise, you can always opt for a personal loan. Apply online today to finance your home renovation project.

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4. Dress the Rooms Differently

If you do not want to take on a lot before Diwali, even dressing the rooms differently can give you a new vibe. If your walls are light coloured, you can add vibrancy to them by investing in some lively and eye-catching paintings. Perhaps add patches of colour with a luxurious wallpaper.

Complement these changes with bohemian artefacts or contemporary pieces which do not have to be expensive. Give it a personal touch by placing some of your family photos.

5. Focus On a Theme Wall in Every Room

Jazz up dull rooms by deciding on a theme wall, recreating it as the focal point. Ensure that the wall has the most visibility to draw in everybody’s attention. There are a number of ways you can do that. Add a fresh coat of bright paint and place an attractive painting or sculpture in the forefront. Add appropriate lighting to enhance the tones.

Thanks to the new era of work from home which has emerged after the pandemic, this might be the perfect opportunity to remodel your home completely so as to make it more spacious. You can create spaces for working from home, as well as add / modify rooms so that children can attend classes online without getting disturbed. To manage this financially, a personal loan for home renovation would be an excellent option. You can always check your personal loan eligibility with SMFG India Credit and apply today.

6. Exchange Your Furniture

Transform the story of your home with a furniture upgrade. Exchange fading pieces for contemporary or eclectic showstoppers with bright and cheerful upholstery. Modify the furniture placements in the rooms to give it a completely new look. Perhaps add a wingback chair that adds a lot of character to the room. Furthermore, you can also get new furniture to make a comfortable working space or a study space for yourself as well as your family members.

Add new soft furnishings like cushion covers, a carpet and even go a step further and splurge on new curtains for the whole house. Now, these are home decor ideas for Diwali that are sure to light up your festive season.

7. Glamourise with Lighting

Remember that Diwali is the festival of lights. Therefore, not only should the focal point of your home improvement have some lighting modifications but also be the central theme of your home renovations.

Invest in trendy floor lamps or a string of lights. If budget is not a constraint, then install a chandelier if you have high ceilings. However, you can even get all of this done with the help of an easy to get personal loan. Apply online with SMFG India Credit today!

8. Landscape Your Balcony or Garden

Go with the green theme for Diwali this year. Why not landscape your garden or lawn which invigorates a healthy and holistic lifestyle for your family? Other than adding new plants, you can opt to build a pathway that is lighted via solar panels. Support the landscape with the trendiest Bohemian pieces that can spread around the garden. If you and your family members are into fitness, you could also explore adding areas for jogging / sports or play areas for children. This will have the added benefit of providing a safe environment to achieve your fitness goals.

Alternatively, if you do not have a garden to landscape, you can always go small scale with your balcony or terrace. Introduce colour with grassy carpet floors or new tiles. Hanging lanterns bring in the Diwali flavour and create a festive ambience.

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9. Revamp Your Dining Area

If you plan to do some serious entertaining, then you are better off concentrating on redoing your dining area. Invest in a larger dining table that accommodates more guests. New crockery and cutlery in white and gold absolutely give that magic Diwali touch to the remodelling.

Consider adding some colour with an ethnic table runner with chic table lamps or candle stands are what you should be going for. Apart from these home renovation ideas for Diwali and dining room upgrades, you can even use some contemporary or traditional wall art that makes the room more inviting and enthralling.

10. Go Eco-friendly

You can do a complete home makeover within a small budget by going eco-friendly. Instead of spending and splurging, see what you can easily recycle.

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