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10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family & Friends in 2023

Published on Oct 26, 2021Updated on Jul 17, 2023

10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family & Friends in 2023

In our culture and tradition, festivals play a key role in the prosperous growth of the society as it creates a sense of togetherness, unity and adds structure to our social lives. 

The festivals also call for showering of love and kindness to our near and dear ones in the family and friend circle. One way of doing it is by giving away gifts and Diwali is a perfect time to cherish our relationships and strengthen bonds.

Choosing the right gifts for your loved ones can multiply their happiness. Therefore, we have created a list of Diwali gift ideas for family and friends, which will definitely help you with your celebrations.

1. Gold or Silver Coins

Gold and silver in Indian tradition is considered auspicious and is an integral part of all ceremonies and festivals. These coins can also be embossed with images of deities. Families end up holding on to these for a long time. They can be stored conveniently and can also increase in value, and hence make excellent gifts, signifying your blessings towards a long and prosperous life. 

2. Gadgets

The craze for the latest gadgets and wearable devices are well known among youngsters. Quite a few youngsters use gadgets to acquire new skills such as coding or creating videos or designing. Even adults would love to be presented with a laptop or a mobile phone, especially if they require a new one for work or leisure. Senior citizens in our families have also become familiar with using tablets or mobile phones to watch videos or movies. For avid readers, you can always purchase an e-reader. If some of your loved ones are fitness enthusiasts, you can also get them wearable devices which enable users track their activity levels, sleep, etc.

3. Air Purifier

If you are living in a metro or even a small city, you would certainly appreciate the pressing need to inhale fresh air, especially if there are little ones in your family. Therefore, an air purifier is a great gift idea for your loved ones and protects them from the harmful pollutants and allergens in the air.

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4. Artworks

The interest in artworks of different forms and from different cultures is rising among people and can be a good Diwali gift idea for friends. Gifting artworks will not only showcase the unique taste you possess, but it will also increase the value of the home of recipients. The interiors of home come alive with art. Additionally, if you procure these from local artists, you would be supporting the Indian economy at a crucial time.

5. Books

Books are a fascinating gift and way of sharing your perceptions and philosophies. In short, a way to communicate your interests, views and thought processes.

You can also gift a book according to the taste and preference of the individual or something which you loved, and believe would also interest the person. Additionally, Diwali sale 2022 is a great opportunity to pick up a nice collection of books at a discount for gifts as well as for personal reading.

6. Lakshmi or Ganesha Idols

If you’re looking for something traditional, then gifting a Lakshmi or Ganesha idol is a great option and during festivals as these are considered to be highly auspicious. The showpieces or idols also come with enhancements such as a diya burner or agarbatti stand.

7. Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a traditional practice originating from ancient China, claims to balance the positive energy forces and bring luck and prosperity to the individual’s home and surrounding.

Feng Shui gifts like laughing buddha, crystal tortoise, bamboo plants are considered to be amazing and thoughtful gifts. All these items can be placed at one’s home or office.

8. Dry Fruits and Chocolate

If you’re running out of options and cannot decide which will be the best gift item for your closed one, then a pack of assorted dry fruits and chocolate is a great option. Some of these are good for health too and are not perishable like traditional Indian sweets. 

9. Perfume

Giving someone perfume as a gift is a sign of affection and it also shows how much effort and thought you’ve put into selecting the best fragrance. Also, they are beautiful and sound perfect as a gift. It is also not something people give it as a gift very often.

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10. Online Gift Cards

If you still can’t decide what you should buy this Diwali, then giving some gift cards on e-commerce platforms is the best option. Through online shopping Diwali 2021, they can buy their favorite items on discount.

Financing Options

Giving away gifts to near and dear ones in your family and friends circle during festivals requires significant financial outlay and may affect your monthly budget. And, you cannot delay or postpone even.

In such circumstances, if you are falling short on finances, you can apply for a personal loan for SMFG India Credit without the need to arrange for collateral and with minimum documentation. 

Also, with a personal loan EMI calculator, you can calculate the personal loan EMI in seconds and plan your finances in a better way. With SMFG India Credit as your loan partner, you don’t ever have to let finances get in the way of enjoying the festive season with near and dear ones and make it special.

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